Monday, July 29, 2013

My first air plae was really amazing!

Haha my first ever airplane ride was really amazing and I got a window seat right by the wing but I could still see and we flew over mount St. Helens and that was amazing but the coolest part was flying over Alaska and seeing all of the amazing mountains and landscape! So I'm called to the North Pole and you would think it is really cold up here well its not it is in the 80's but I'm loving every minute of it! We do so much service up here! I have blisters on my hands!!!! We are baptizing this girl who is 16 years old on Saturday! Her name is Bri and she is excited to be baptized and so am I! There is a lot of Vietnam vets up here!!! I love hearing there stories!  Some service projects that we do are like tearing tree stumps out of the ground and putting up fences and mowing lawns and taking out trash and cleaning up Dog Poop and there are a lot of dogs up here! All of the roads that are in our area are dirt roads!!! so we had to clean our truck today and that was yucky because it was drenched in mud! I haven't seen one moose yet but everybody says wait until the winter comes and you will get sick of them! haha oh and winter is 1 month away so we have been chopping lots and lots and lots of wood and we are helping others finish building there house before winter hits!!! I am loving it up here and thanks for all the love and support that you give me!!! Well the church is true! love ya and keep being the dad that you are!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

I made it to Alaska!

Hey I am here and alive and you could never guess where I am going!!! I'm going to the NORTH POLE!!! I'm going to be one of Santa's workers!!! and my companions name is Elder Landon! He is a pretty cool dude!!! He is about my size! Well I love you all and have a good night!!!! :)