Thursday, August 28, 2014

A letter from Sister Lemons in Delta Junction!

Dear Sisters,
We were blessed to have your sons in our home tonight for dinner. What fun they are! They carry a great spirit with them and the light of Christ shines with them.  You can be proud of the work they are doing. Thank you for encouraging them and for sharing them with us here in Delta Junction.
The picture includes your elders and my soon to enter the MTC elder, Wyatt.  He will be serving in Ukraine L'viv Mission. We are all looking forward to this new adventure.  Your sons have been a great example to Wyatt, our second Jeron and all the young men in our ward.
Many thanks!
Sis Andrea Lemons

Monday, August 25, 2014

Our House!

The house behind me is called" THE BIRD HOUSE" Tweet Tweet!

Throwing Hay!



Many much Moosen in the woodes and the woodaisnt.. Ha Ha

Guess who had to speak in sacrament!

School has started already!!!! Holy Cow! I cant wait to go through the
Ogden Temple! Haha them moose are scared of them Mormon Missionaries.
Well Mom I love you! I am going to go on a hike in like an hour so I
will be on the computer for like 30 to 45 minutes!

Wow I have missed a few days this week in my Journal writing, so I
will have to just sum up the week for ya in a paragraph. So to sum up
most of the week we had exchanges and Elder Harris (District Leader)
and Elder Tingy came up. We chased and caught 15 pigs! Right when we
would grab the little pigs by there legs they would squeal!!! And
right when they would squeal you look for the Sal (mama pig) because
she is right behind you ready to destroy you! haha I lost a total of 6
pounds those 2 hours chasing and tackling pigs and running for our
lifes! We had interviews with President Robinson and it went well, he
asked me a ton of questions and an interview usually takes like 20
minutes but no I was with him for an hour and a half. He was with my
companion for 5 minutes! haha I think he talked to me forever was
because well we both played Lacrosse and we just clicked. haha Oh and
on the way to Fairbanks from Delta you have to drive through North
Pole so I went and saw The amazing Taylor family! They made us
pancakes with Coconut syrup! The  best! It was good to catch up on

Sunday we had church and guess who had to speak at sacrament this guy
and  my companion! My companion went first and he told me that his
farewell talk only lasted 1 minute and 22 seconds. So I prepared! He
spoke first and I spoke last. He left me with 30 minutes to speak but
hey I prepared for it! The Talk was titled "Following the Path of
Happiness." Then after that I had to teach Gospel Principles and the
lesson was on the Holy Ghost! Had a way spiritual experience there. I
will share that when I get home! ;) haha Oh and we had to move a cow
out of a trailer in our shirt and tie, and I skidded on the floor of
the trailer on poop with my shoes! YUCK! well ladies and gentlemen
that was my week! I love you guys!

Elder C. Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Delta Junction and Tok Branch

Monday, August 18, 2014

Alpaca! Dont you spit on me:)

Helping out with Alpaca's!

ALPACA, don't you spit on me!!!

Driving to an appointment! Normal day in Delta Junction!

I pulled out my UKULELE and I played I am a child of God!

 Monday- First P-day in Delta Junction and it stinks..... haha there is
nothing to do! Im used to going on hikes and playing basketball and
all that fun stuff. Yes there are some hikes but E. Menlove does not
like hiking. haha so I dont do it. We went to a river and there were
fish jumping everywhere! I mean everywhere. I hope my companion likes

Tuesday- We helped a lady in our ward stack wood and then we went to
District meeting and we had it over PVC, like Skype. And the mike was
not working so they had this chat box that we can type into and they
can see what we say. Then we had dinner with the Sansom family and
they invited a non member friend and we shared a message with them and
the Non member told us to stop by whenever! Oh and guess what, they
said that we have to sing a song to them in order to get dinner. So I
pulled out my Ukulele and I played I am a child of God while E.
Menlove sang! Thanks for the Heads up guys! Haha

Wednesday-  We helped that lady again that is in our ward with her
BEES. super fun! A lot of people in Alaska do bees! We have to strap
them down because the bears will push them over. We had this lesson
set up today with a recent convert and we needed another Male there so
we called and called and called but everyone was busy fishing or
hunting. So we had Dinner with the Shephard family and after dinner
brother Shephard told us to let him know if we need anybody for a
lesson. So we were like How about right now? We have it in 15 minutes,
can you do that? He stood there shocked and he was like honey I am
going with the missionaries I will be back in an hour! Haha what a
stud and he bore such a powerful testimony!

Thursday- Woke up and went for a run, I thought E. Menlove was going
to die! haha but he didnt so thats good. We helped that one lady again
and we loaded up hay for her animals. soooo funnnn! OH and then we fed
the Alpaca. "Dont you spit on me or I will hit you with this shovel"!
haha Those things spit like no other! We then had a dutch oven dinner
with the Taylor family! Amazing but not as good as my Dads! haha!

Friday- I was in the Bathroom and then all of a sudden.....
BOOOOOMMMM. The house shook and everything fell off of the shelf above
the sink! I hurry and look out the window for a mushroom cloud of
smoke. But all it was was a F16 fighter jet hitting its after burners
right above our little house! haha  Found out that Sister Moss Prayed
for an answer to her question about a week or so later and we stopped
by today and I shared D&C 122:7-9. She also needed a blessing because
she has kidney stones! Yuck! OH and we helped this one lady catch all
of her like 20 little pigs! It is very hard when like a 800 pound pig
is chasing after you wanting to rip your head off! They have hard
noses man and they can run pretty dang fast! I wish I would of
recorded it so that you could have seen what we went through, Slipping
in mud and poop all over the place and hurring and getting up before
the Pig comes and stomps on you! Haha

Saturday- Helped out our investigator Brandon Murphy with some trim
for the windows and doors. Helped out the Andersons with some
landscaping! Boy am I glad that Dad taught me some stuff. They were
all coming to me for directions on what they need to do and I was able
to give it to them! It was super fun!

Sunday- Church was awesome! We talked about the fall of adam and eve
in Gospel Principles! Then met with our Russian Investigator Alex and
he just wanted to bible bash bible bash and I was just getting so
frustrated, one because I cant understand a stincking word he is
saying and 2 because he questioned my testimony. I didnt freak out I
was actually really calm, but the spirit said invited him again for
the 30th time to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and then end
in a prayer and get out! So I told him that this is the last thing
that I am saying to you and then we are going to pray and leave. Read
and Pray about the Book of Mormon. He said stop inviting me to do
that. Why do you do that? Elder Menlove went to speak and I looked at
him and told him not to say another word, I turned to Alex and said do
you want to pray? He prayed in Russian and then we left and he said
that we handed that really well.

The Church is true, and dont you forget it!

Love you guys so much!

Elder Chad Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Delta Junction & Tok

Monday, August 11, 2014

"This place is awesome!"

This week has been fun! Driving driving and even more driving! haha I
heard about braxton! Thanks for the pictures and I did not put a sim
card in the box sorry about that! So Tok is 107 miles away from Delta
heading to the canadian boarder and we will only visit there once a
transfer most likely! I stay in Delta Junction in the bird house!
Elder Menlove is from Garland Utah, its by logan! I havent taken any
pictures of the area yet but i will! Here is my week yo! :)

Monday- P-Day

Tuesday- Elder Hayes and Elder Cottrell are heading home and I was
staying in the mission home that night and so we talked forever until
they got onto the plane ride home! So weird, I will be there in 11
months..... Ugh just dont Think about it Elder Russell! haha Then the
1st councilor came up to me and said "Be a Valiant Missionary Elder

Wednesday- Today we did studies and then drove the 8 hour drive to
Fairbanks. There was so much construction going on! I drove with Elder
Leiotoua from Hawaii and Elder Tingy. I stayed the night at Eielsons
apartment with someone that was in my MTC group!

Thursday- We woke up and went shopping before we headed to Delta
Junction. On the Way up I was able to drive through North Pole. The
area that I got trained in and I went and saw a few people and they
were so happy to see my face, Literally they would grab my face and
say oh I miss you so much! haha crazy people. After a 2 hour drive I
finally arrived in Delta Junction!

Friday-  We had Zone Meeting over the phone for 2 hours.... sooooo
funnn! haha not!  Taught a ton of lessons today!

Saturday- we Taught 7 lessons and that is what they would get in a
week in the past! CRAZY! Everyone I meet I click with! OH Dad I found
your twin. He looks like you and same build, loves kongfu Panda, makes
the same faces, owned a landscaping company in Arizona, and he love
Dutch Oven! Haha you have to meet him some Day!

Sunday-  First sunday here in Delta and I have been clicking with
everyone up here! This place is awesome! We drove 50 miles today to
get to a guys house! Lots of driving!

I Love you Guys Sooooo Much!

Elder Chad Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Delta Junction and Tok!

This is a letter that a sweet sister from one of his wards sent him.

Hello Elder Russell

I hope this finds you well and happy!

In this email I want to say, “You were right!” You said that we may
see changes in our daughter before her brother returns home from his
mission or possibly after.  Well, this last week we have been seeing
it!!! You were right!

I invited my Spanish friend to my house and she volunteered to make an
authentic Mexican dish. She came last Saturday teaching me how to make
an authentic Mexican dish called “Mole with chicken”.  I wasn’t sure
what we would talk about, but we had a wonderful time! She kept saying
repeatedly that when she comes to my house again she will be making
another dish that we will all enjoy. That was encouraging to hear that
she plans to come over again! I’m excited to invite her to church this
Sunday when our missionary son is home.  He’s excited too!

I’ve been impressed with you from the beginning and I’ve always
learned something new from lessons you taught with the spirit in our
home.  Bless you, Elder Russell!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Transfered to Delta Junction and Tok!

I am doing pretty good! Don't have much time because I need to pack
before I leave! So good to hear that grandpa is still doing okay!
This is my week yo! :)

So transfer Calls came Saturday morning and I thought that we were
both staying but as I was doing my morning prayer I had the impression
that I am going to North Pole. Haha weird! So president calls and
tells me that I will be serving in Delta Junction and Tok and I will
be speaking Russian, In the "North Pole" District. haha and elder
Bratt will be staying and being District Leader and getting Elder
Langi! I probably will be in delta Junction for 6 months! Oh and I
will be getting Elder Menlove and I will be greenie braking him!

Well guys sorry that this was a short email, I have to finish packing
soon! But I will be driving to Fairbanks and that is a 8 hour drive
and then I will be staying in North Pole and then driving up the next
day for a 2 hour drive to Delta Junction and I will be staying in my
own house and it is nick named the "Bird House" But when I go to Tok I
will be staying in a Log cabin home where I will have to split wood
and throw it in the fire so that we can stay warm! This should  be

Elder Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Delta Junction and Tok

The Jenkins Family!

The Jenkins Family! Sis Jenkins sent Chad that wonderful e-mail! Anchorage Alaska! 

The Plan of Salvation board game that Elder Russell made for his last District meeting!

A letter from Sister Jenkins from his ward!

Hello Sister Russell,
Your son, Elder Russell is in my ward and I want you to know that we really enjoy him!  He’s been a great influence on our children.  A few days ago, he and his companion challenged them to share their testimonies which they did for the first time today on Fast Sunday.  Elder Russell promised one of our sons who had some anxiety about the idea of bearing his testimony that he would go up there too to bear his testimony.  Yesterday morning, our  nervous 12 year old got up from our pew, stepped out to the isle and immediately Elder Russell came up from another pew behind him walking up to the stand with him each bearing their testimonies.  Elder Russell has a loving gentle spirit and does very well to motivate and teach others.  I noticed after the closing of an open house for the mission president Elder Russell was approached by several missionaries who waited turns to hug Elder Russell with great big smiles.  Two other missionaries on a transfer came to visit us and had dinner with us when I told them that Elder Russell is in our ward they both made this comment about him,  “Elder Russell is a hard worker.” He is loved and respected.  We can tell he comes from a good home.  He’s a wonderful missionary!
He has asked me to share with you my story.  After my son arrived at the MTC I was missing him terribly, knowing that he studies the Preach My Gospel manual on a daily basis I turned to a copy of Preach My Gospel to feel closer to him. After reading PMG, I was on fire in sharing the gospel with others.  But, I wasn’t sure how to approach others and how to share the gospel, so we invited the missionaries to teach us how to be member missionaries.  They were wonderful in teaching us.  I carry a compact Book of Mormon and Missionary pamphlets in my purse for missionary moments which came in handy twice. Later, we had a neighbor and his children over for a discussion with the missionaries at our house and we have given a few Books of Mormon to potential investigators.  One investigator that I met at a park will be going to church with us. Studying Preach My Gospel, having the help of our missionaries, having His spirit with us, and working together in sharing the Book of Mormon we will be bringing souls closer to Christ.  The people of the world, the worldly will not be interested, yet there will be millions who will. It’s exciting! This is a message that Elder Russell wanted me to share and challenge you.
Thank you for all that you have done in raising him. He’s hard-working in the field of Anchorage, Alaska and we are grateful.