Monday, September 30, 2013

Lots of service:)

So Monday was our P-Day and it went by super super fast! We had dinner with the Illguth family, which was way good! Then a group of Dogs got into there trash and teared it all up, so we spent about 30 minutes cleaning it all up! 
Tuesday Was a really fun day I guess! Well first we went over to Dave and Wendy H. Home and Painted a room for them because they are moving to Utah (actually they are probably in Utah right now). After that we were heading home and we slid of the road into a ditch! I was Not driving Elder Landon was! We broke our fog light! But we are okay! 
We helped Dave and Wendy again on Wednesday.
Thursday we cut 3 cords of wood for our Investigator Jim (State Trooper) He invited me and elder London to go to his house on this Wednesday and have stakes!!! But the best part is  that we might be able to share another lesson with him!
Friday We got a brand new couch for our home and we cut even more wood for Jim! We ate at the Taylors for Breakfast!
Saturday I went on exchanges with elder Hamilton and we helped build Brother Whymans House and then we Helped build Janens house (Investigator) Then we went and Helped out at the Santa Senior Center. And something really cool happened ! I was praying for some boots all week and Then I got 2 pair of boots for FREEE! WARM and THEY ARE BRAND NEW! 
Sunday was Fast Sunday. We had Salmon for Dinner (Go Figure) We went to Katy W. and Rheannins house and I bore my Testimony about my Friend Sam R. he passed away. They were both crying and I was even crying, She text us later that night saying that she has never felt the spirit so strong before! ( We are going to a hockey game with them on Friday! We had 30 1/2 hours of service this week! Because everyone is getting ready for winter! So who do they call??? The Missionaries!

Well I love you mom! Don't forget to say your prayers and read your scriptures!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Well you want to know what my week was like.......

Well you want to know what my week was like? Well Im not going to tell you!!!.... Haha just kidding! 
Well we did 30 HOURS of Service this week! We chopped wood, we took out Trash, we built a roof, we chopped some more wood, we helped someone move, we took down a trampoline and drained Hoses and ripped out Gardens and put stuff under the house in the crawl spaces! OH and We helped a guy put a 3500 pound gun safe in his house! This morning we scraped Ice off of some random peoples cars so that when they come out they will be happy and all that good stuff! We have been sliding all over the place! We are getting out Snow Tires on Today! We shared a message with all of the Recent Converts! We picked up one recent convert on Base (Fort Wainwright) because his wife was really sick! Yeah that was really hard to get on to that base! Then I had an Interview with President and Sister Beesley! Fairbanks barely got any snow but North Pole got dumped on! This week was a pretty good week! 


Monday, September 16, 2013

Dont put cookie dough in the microwave!

Well do you want to know how my week went?!
This week was Long and a lot of work!!! Last couple Sundays we had Stake Conference, and so we went 2 weeks without taking the Sacrament! For me when I don't take the Sacrament, the week goes by soooooo slow! But it was the best week because we Fasted during the week! and we taught 8 lessons in one day! That was the day after we fasted! And every person that we met and shared a lesson with, Went to church Yesterday, and they haven't been to church in over a year!!!! The power of fasting is truly amazing! But then the day after that we did SERVICE ALL DAY!!! Haha we felt like the Lord was saying " You guys have taught so many lessons this week, So I need you to do service for one day! Everyone was calling us for help! You know that talk from Russell M. Nelson titled " Ask the Missionaries They Can Help You" ? Yeah everyone needed help that day!  We moved Pallets! We put in 300-500 pound windows in a huge house! We Dug a huge trench and then filled it by wheelbarrow and hand! We did service from 10 in the Morning until 9:30 at night!!!! But Elder Landon is feeling a ton better! I know its supposed to SNOW this week!!!! Wednesday and Friday and Saturday!!! This morning was 25 Degrees!!!! OH and our house is stinky!!! You want to know why! Because Elder Landon thought that he could make cookie dough into real cookies using the Microwave! Yeah it does not work! It melted through the plate and he opened up the microwave door and smoke just filed the whole house! Yeah I have a major headache! But I am READY for the Winter!!!! Bring it on Mother Nature!!! Well that was my amazing week! 


Monday, September 9, 2013

2 month mark

Well this week was pretty awesome! well most of it was! We helped Jim the state trooper (Investigator) and he wants us to keep having us over because well..... he really really likes us! It is so fun to talk to him! Then we Got a new elder and a new sister in our Zone!!! They are pretty shy but they will start to feel more comfortable when they have some experience! Its kind of weird that tomorrow will be my 2 month Mark!!! It is flying! Oh and I have been feeling better but my companion Elder Landon is not doing so good! We had to go to the Urgent Care because he has been coughing up Blood!!! He has a problem with his heart but they don't know what is really wrong with him! So we were at the Hospital 2 days in a row! Yeah and I was in the lobby while he was with the doctor for 3 and a half hours both days and Everybody around me were waiting to get a test! Yeah I almost got sick!  Yeah this was an interesting week!

Monday, September 2, 2013

shared 22 lessons this week!

So this week was kind of a long week!!! well It felt like it! We are both sick but we have been teaching a lot of lessons! we shared 22 lessons this week! So This week we did lots and lots of service! we helped this non member who is an Alaska State Trooper cut down trees and cut logs and chop wood, and he said that he is fine with us sharing the gospel with him, so he is a potential Investigator! And the person that helped us was also a State Trooper! Bro. Anderson and we were all driving separate so we had 3 cars and so having them being state troopers and all we were all driving down the road and we had Jim (State Trooper) and then us And then Brother Anderson! So it was really weird and nerve racking that we were surrounded by state troopers!!! But it was super awesome! Then we helped a less active move in and that took pretty much all day! Then we had transfer calls on Saturday and President said that he wants me to stay in North Pole for another Transfer! cool huh? 
Well I love you and keep on keeping on! I love you with all my heart! Don't forget to say your prayers!