Monday, December 30, 2013

E.T. Phone Home!

Well this week we were able to call or Skype with our family! That was amazing and definitely needed! I honestly thought that after I got done with talking to my family that I would be Home sick and kind of depressed but it was the total opposite! I was more motivated and I have received more strength to keep pushing forward in the Lords work! I am so thankful for Christs birth even though it really wasn't on Christmas day but still! Imagine if everybody treated each other everyday the same way they do to people on Christmas! The world would definitely be a better place I can tell you that much!

Me and my companion have probably shoveled a total of 70 driveways at the least in the month of December! Haha Braxton has a huge mountain to climb everyday and I have 70 driveways to shovel, I think that evens it out between me and him..... Yeah probably not, the mountain is to big for my fatness! Haha what amazing stories we are going to have after our missions! Braxton is in Africa along with Jaiden, Kyle is in Flaming Florida, Gavin is in Portland Oregon and Jake is in Sweden (I think), and I am in Alaska! That is going to be one crazy day when we all get together! Well the work is picking up a lot here in Whitehorse! We have more investigators and more Lessons! I love it up here!

    - Coach Johnson
 ( that one was for you Braxton)

Well today is a great day to be a missionary! Love you Guys and I hope you all have one amazing New Year, Make 2014 a good one and one that you will always remember! 

Elder Chad Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Whitehorse Canada

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