Monday, August 5, 2013

We are busy!

Hey yeah I have been really busy!!! My companion is from Idaho so he is a really hard worker! He says that I have been his best companion so far and he has had 5 others! Haha you want to know what my living conditions are?! well its alright I guess, I have a mattress and a bathroom! They put some kind of chemical in our water and the water tastes like sulfur (eggs)! So the water tastes nasty!! we are going to call one of the people in the mission office and see if we can buy a water filter thing! We do laundry at a members house which is way awesome! We have taught like 8 lessons but we have been sharing messages with lots and lots of people!!! We are actually teaching a lesson tonight to a family that just moved in and they are non members so they want us to come over today around 7 (my time), so they are potential investigators! Yes my debit card works! And I don't need a coat right now because it is in the 60's and 80's. I wont need one until next month because that is when winter comes around! I haven't been able to see the northern lights yet because the sun is still out until 1 o'clock in the morning!  Well we baptized Bri K. last Saturday and I was invited to stand in the circle while she was being confirmed yesterday, AMAZING! Oh and we just put another person on date for the 24th so hopefully that works out! But keep up the good work and keep being the great example that you always are! LOVE YOU! And the church is true!!!!! Have a great week!   

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