Monday, August 26, 2013

Alma 26:3

Hmm look at that handsome beast, man I look good!!! :) If you look closely you can see that my head is pretty much as big as Alaska!!! ;) Haha Elder Bednar was amazing!!! I cant believe the spirit that i felt just through texting him!!! Haha I would tell you the question that I asked him but the story is kind of personal right now but i will share it when the time is right! (good personal) Man Elder Soares speaks the truth about be obedient to God's commandments, thats what is key in being a missionary is to obey the commandments which God gives us! Me and Elder Landon notice that when we are trying our best to be obedient our whole entire day is thrown off because we are not in complete companionship with the Holy Ghost! haha how are the kids likeing school and how are you likeing to work again? I still feel like I should be in school right now because I am only 18 years old, everybody keeps on making fun of my age! They keep on calling me Brussellsprout!!! (Greenie) Yeah Hillarious right?
When dad is gone for a couple weeks off to work the best thing that you and the kids can do is do what the Bishop invited you to do! Read the Book of Mormon DAILY!!! The key word is DAILY!!! Because everyday we dont read the Book of Mormon we miss those KEY Blessings that we need in our lifes!!! I promise you that if you do so and you keep him in your prayers he WILL be protected by the Lord!!!
Well im still sick but Im doing better!!! this morning was FREEZING!!! it was 32 degrees. So today I am going to go and buy a coat or a jacket!!! Last week was a really rainy week!!! It was so good to feel the rain on my dry skin!! So last wednesday we had District meeting at the Taylors house and we all helped him stack his wood for the winter and then his wife cooked us pancakes with coconut syrup!!! She is an amazing cook!!! then we had Zone meeting right after that meeting and Zone meeting was 3 hours and then after that President Beesley pulled me assigned and talked to me about Eric and how he is doing because he is worried also!!! Pres. Beesley is So amazing! Then on Thursday We had Zone Conference and that was our Trek!!!! So ALL of it was UP HILL!!!! and Thats not even the bad part, we had to carry this one elder who hurt his leg so we had to carry him in the handcart!!!!! Yeah that was fun and the sisters all they did was pick Blueberries and Rasberries!!! Haha all I could do was laugh because none of them really wanted to push or pull the Handcart! Except for 1 sister who hold the weight lifting record at BYU Idaho!!! yeah She is a beast! But she is super funny! Oh and it lasted from 8 in the Morning till 10:30 at night!! yeah that is pretty late for a missionary, but i tell you what, that was the best nights rest I have every had!!, but the next day Super sore!!! Then Friday Morning at 8 we had a training in Fairbanks with Pres. and Sister Beesley and we had to BIBLE BASH with them!!! Yeah that was super hard but We are practicing! Then we went and helped sister Hardt with throwing all this wood into a pile and we lit it on FIRE!!! HUGE BONFIRE!!! That was super Fun!!!!
But yeah this week was pretty amazing!!! I Love you and dont forget to say your prayers!!!!
PS: The Church is True!!!

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