Monday, August 12, 2013

What have I been doing?

Haha I am doing wonderful!!!  What have I been doing???? Hmmmmmmm missionary work!!!! haha Yes we got a water filter thank goodness, the water tastes amazing now! The place I live in is an apartment! Yeah the weather is actually kind of yucky up here in Fairbanks just because the Smoke is covering where we are at because there is a huge wild fire like 15 miles out! but surprisingly it is really hot up here! Yes I have seen wildlife! I am surrounded by it!!! I have seen 3 moose finally!!! I have not gotten my license yet! Yes I have been able to sleep now because it is getting darker every day by 7 minutes!! Yes I have gotten your sim cards and the letters!!! Thank YOu!!! And all I need is that you keep on staying strong and keep on being the mother that you are!!!

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