Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hey there is big news!

Hey so their is big news!!!! Right now I am Emailing you from Anchorage Alaska. I have been called out of North Pole and I am now called to go To Whitehorse Canada, and the missionary that I will be serving with is Elder Hayes!!! He is way awesome, and He will be district leader and I will be assisting him or helping him, I guess! Busy busy busy!  Their are so many missionaries that are dyeing to go there! They are all pretty excited for me, as am I! So I drove down to Anchorage yesterday which was a 10 hour drive! ( we got caught in a snow storm) And Today I Finally get to go to the Temple! Tomorrow I will be flying to Juneau, my flight leaves at 11:30 am. Then I stay in Juneau for a week because of Zone Conference! Then Next Monday I will be taking a Ferry to Skagway and then I will be driving up to Whitehorse! So I Have to make this Email short! But I Love you With all of my heart! Hey um make sure you don't send anything to Valuable in the Mail to Whitehorse because They check every package before it goes a crossed the Boarder! But you can still send stuff just not really expensive stuff!!! ( Elder Landon is serving in a Tongan ward in Anchorage! He is going to get FAT! Haha I love you Guys!

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