Monday, October 7, 2013

Well this week was kind of stressful....

Well this week.... um let me just say that it was kind of stressful. I'm not stressed about the Work. I am stressed or I was stressed about our truck!!!! So I will share the Story with you! So Wednesday we were surprising a member by cutting up all of his wood, because he has been really really busy! So we had this HUUUGGGGEEE stack of trees that were already cut down! We were cutting off the branches with a chain saw and stacking them on top of each other so that they can be easier and faster to cut! But there where these trees that we could not pull out! So us being smart and all, we grabbed a strap out of the Shop and we rapped it around the trees and then we hooked it up to the front hooks of our truck. So we were doing that and it was working. But there was this one tree that was MASSIVE So we being smart missionaries strap it up and hook it up to the truck. I was stepping on the Gas and we were pulling it out but then it would not move anymore. So Elder Landon said Get out of the truck and I will show you how it is done! Hahahahahaahaha big mistake. He pulled forward and then put it in reverse and then he hits the gas peddle all the way down to the floor! Um lets just say that I am so very grateful that I was far away from that strap! The strap that's limit is 6500 pounds SNAPPED and Shot Back into the front grill of our truck! Yeah We broke the Grill of our truck! OH but that's not all! That same day we were throwing the cut logs into the back of the truck and we threw one and it slipped and it hit the back right taillight and it broke! HMMMM can you see why I was so stressed out this week? So we had to feel out this huge report thing and then we called Elder Ferrin (He is over the Missionary vehicles) And Ummmmm Yeah that's all I'm going to say! Haha but we got it all worked out! This morning we were Pouring Cement and that was fun doing it while it was snowing!! 

Well I Love you so much and Stay Strong!!! 
Love Elder Russell

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