Monday, October 28, 2013

I have already caught the Canadian accent Aye!

( oh guess what I have already caught the Canadian accent Aye! Haha well boy I am going to tell you about my week!

Okay Mom I know that you might freak out when I tell you how my really event-full week went, but try not to because Me and Elder Hayes are okay. :) So here we go! So Friday we picked up a new Investigator and we went and started teaching her the Plan of Salvation and while we were teaching it she pretty much just butted in and starting teaching us about the plan of salvation! And everything she said was right! She was like " OH I have been studying already about all of this stuff", we were like what? How? She's like OH I have been studying it on So we asked how she felt about baptism and she said that she doesn't know enough! And we bore our testimonies telling her that she knows enough. And she wants us to come back again this week and see how she feels about it, and I gave her 2 Nephi 31: 16-21 to read and to ponder about! but next time we are going to have her listen to that talk from I think Neil L Anderson, and it talks about how we know enough. Okay So after that we help Serve Natives Lunch at Salvation Army, and There were 2 fights in that 1 hour. And the Cook was showing us all of his scars on his body because He got attacked by a bear 2 weeks ago. CRAZY! Okay now Saturday we were walking into our apartment door from outside and Elder Hayes was ahead of me and He Stopped and hid and he mouthed the words to me to stop and hide! There was this  native lady  and she just starts fights with people and beats them up pretty good and she always has some kind of weapon on her. So she saw us So we ran to our truck and locked it and we laid back in the chairs. She walked around our truck for about 2 minutes and then she walked away about 200 feet. So our plan was to open the doors quietly and then sneak to our apartment. So when we opened the doors the Truck alarm went off and so we ran to our apartment and we barely got in before she can catch us. So we ran upstairs into our apartment and we role down our window to hear what she is saying and she was screaming I am going to kill those white boys I'm going to kill those white boys. So That was Saturday! Oh and then she passed out because she had been drinking. Then on Sunday we went walking around town and its dark because it is winter. We walked because the Roads were pure ice and while we were walking we had this guy yell at us and then he started running after us and so we were a couple blocks away from our apartment and we just ran as fast as we can and he was gaining on us and we again barely made it into our apartment. Haha so that was our week! Sorry mom that you had to read all of this but their is nothing to worry about because the Lord is protecting us! Well that is Whitehorse Canada for yeah. But we have been teaching a lot of lessons with Investigators. 

I love you mom so much, don't forget to say your prayers

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