Monday, January 20, 2014

Here is how my week went!

So this week has been kind of stressful, I don't know why but it just was. Hard to explain really! Haha I don't know why I am laughing, but here is how my week went!

Monday- was obviously P-Day (Preparation Day) and this morning I made it a goal to start working out every morning. Elder Weber (missionary up here in Whitehorse) broke the computers for the second time! But they got fixed thank goodness! I Alley ooped to Elder Hayes. That was his first time slamming the ally oop! We had dinner at the "Bracconiers".... I mean the Miccrackins! I made that mistake in the prayer before we left! they all had a good laugh! 

Tuesday- we had district meeting and I was assigned to give a training on "how to begin teaching". I told them to take out a blank sheet of paper (represents the missionary) The actual missionary pretended to be an investigator and he had to write on the blank piece of paper there name and 2 concerns that they had! Then when everybody did that we went around the room and talked about there investigator and we all had to find a good bullet point from how to begin teaching to help answer there concerns! It went pretty good actually! I shocked myself! Lol. Oh and Elder Hayes ran over a mouse! That was my awesome Tuesday!

Wednesday- That morning we went O.Y.M.'ing (open your mouth) downtown and we handed out this Book of Mormon to this one guy that found a cigarette on the ground and he was about to smoke it and we walked up to him at the perfect time! After lunch me and Elder Hayes went and helped the old people/ well seasoned play bingo! Went to music with Bob (plays the banjo)  with the old people again! They try hitting on us and we just laugh and walk away! Creepy! haha. When we got to our apartment for dinner we ran into our land lord and he asked us what we do as missionaries?! It was one good conversation! Then we did this thing called "Daily Dose" with "Udei" he is from India! We pretty much teach him English! I would of never thought that I would be an English teacher on my mission! The Northern Lights were out tonight. Kind of cloudy but still cool!

Thursday- So get this we had a "Chinook" (Randomly warms up a lot) It was -22 degrees 2 days ago and then it warmed up today to 45 degrees! We finally went tracking with our short sleeves on! Beautiful Day! Drunk Natives tried fighting us and trying to still stuff from us.  We gave them a card and left! Then people flinged mud at us! Me and Elder Hayes just laughed and said its okay we have like 5 other shirts! Haha! You get used to it after a while, thats not normal but it is for a missionary!  Am I right or am I right?! Lol.

Friday-  Yesterday I sent a text to this lady that missionaries have not seen in over 2 years and she text us back at 12:30 last night and I woke up and felt prompted to text her back! We text until 1:45 in the morning and all I wanted to do was sleep! Haha but we had an appointment with her today at the church and it went amazing! She wants to meet with us again! 

Saturday- we went OYMing again and handed out a couple more cards and a couple of Book of Mormons! We helped Todd P. shovel his avalanche that he had at his house! Because of the heat, there are avalanches going on everywhere! Very dangerous right now but it is getting a little bit colder! 

Sunday- Was of course church We had a ton of meeting that day! After all the meetings we had Lunch at the Gueveras and they made mexican food! Yumm! Then we had dinner at Todd P. place and all that he feeds us is moose! So he made something a little bit different this time! He made Japanese Moose! Yummmmm! haha I love that guy! He wants us to go play Racket ball with him one of these days, and go Ice fishing! 

Well the church is true and I love you guys!

-Elder Russell

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