Monday, May 19, 2014

I got transferred to Anchorage!

So last week we went on a hike to Pioneer Peak and we got to the part
that says "Experienced hikers only" and why did they have that sign
up, because you had to rock climb all the way to the top!!!!! It was
super muddy! it took us 4 and a half hours to get to where we got and
it took us 1 hour to run down/ slide down!

Well I got transferred to Anchorage and my companion is Elder Loy! He
is pretty new and I am senior companion. The ward has not had a
baptism in 2 years, they just had missionaries in the past that did
not teach at all, they would just share spiritual thoughts, and not
lessons, and they would not work with the ward or even go tracking.
But this week we just picked up 4 new investigators, It took a lot of
work with the members and tracking! I have had to exercise patience a
lot so far this transfer, but as a missionary you just get used to it.
So one experience that I had was that we were driving down the road
and we stop at this intersection and I was looking at this young lady
and my companion starts wigging out at me because I was staring at a
girl! Haha oh my goodness. I told him that she is crying... we should
probably pray for her, and so we did! And when the light turned green
we drove to a parking lot and I said lets get out and go talk to her.
So me and Elder Loy are running down the road and right when we turned
the corner, Wham!!!! There she was, and she was balling her eyes out,
and we said hey are you okay? She said that she was fine (obviously
she is not because she is crying)! We talked to her and she told us
what happened and then we started talking about the Atonement with her
and boy did she smile right up! We gave her a Book of Mormon and a
plan of salvation pamphlet! That was just one of the miracles that we
saw this week! This Saturday I will be going up to Wasilla to go See
Janesa and Benjamin be baptized! I cannot wait! We have been riding
our bikes like crazy and I am super sore, but Hey I love being a
missionary! I love you Guys!

Elder Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
O'Malley Ward
Anchorage Alaska

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