Monday, May 5, 2014

BOOOOOM What a Studdd!

 Well this will be a
 short email but I will tell you about a couple things that happened
 this week!

 Monday- Nothing much just P-day and Family Home Evening with the Young
 Single Adults!

 Tuesday- We met with Janesa Ruf and we taught her the Plan of
 Salvation and boy did she have a lot of questions! Which is super
 good, because not a lot of people ask questions while we are teaching
 them about the Gospel and it is really hard for them to understand if
 they do not ask questions! But she will be Baptized on the 24th of
 May! Oh and we also taught her the Word of Wisdom and she was like, "
 alright that makes sense, cool, What else do I need to do to get
 baptized" She was like jumping out of her seat while we were telling
 her, it was quite funny, I have never seen somebody so happy to Obey
 the Word of Wisdom and to be baptized! What was cool is that she
 stopped us before we started to close with a pray and she said "Can I
 tell you something that I am so grateful for?" " I am so grateful to
 have a modern Prophet on the earth"! BOOOOOM What a Studdd!

 Wednesday- We got a new investigator today and His name is Benjamin
 and he is on date to be baptized on the 24th of May as well! He is
 fitting right on in with the YSA! He loves it and he is excited to be
 baptized and he is really really excited to receive the gift of the
 Holy Ghost on his birthday the 25th!

 Thursday- We met with Janesa again and we just answered her questions
 about the Godhead, and Mormons thinking that they can become Gods
 after this life, and why we have the Doctrine and Covenants and the
 Pearl of Great Price, and what are they?

 Friday- We had the Ward pot luck and they auctioned off these deserts
 that the Young women made so that they can get enough money to go to
 girls camp, because it is super expensive here in Alaska! a couple
 people put down $150 for a cake! Crazy! They made 2 grand!

 Saturday- So we went over to Bobby D's house and raked his yard
 because he is legally blind and deaf. He made us Shepherds Pie!!! Super
 Good, pretty good for a blind guy! We gave this super Less Active lady
 a blessing and guess what she showed up to church and it has been 5
 years since she has been to church!

 Sunday- Well we had a meeting at 9 am and then we had church and that
 went on until 4 and then we had a CES devotional and that was at 4 so
 we did not get out of the church until 5:30! We found out that one of
 our ward missionaries woke up and he could not move! He was paralyzed!
 He just woke up and he could not move! but we just got a text saying
 that there is something wrong with his brain and that he is getting
 his movement back very slowly.

 Well that was my week

 I love you guys!

 Elder Russell

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