Sunday, May 11, 2014

Loving words from Elder Russells ward mission leader!

May 11, 2014

These really lovely words are very dear to my (mom) heart sent in a text message from Bro. Mays Chads ward mission leader in Wasilla. ( Chad was able to Skype from  Bro. Mays home )

First here is my text to Bro. Mays...
This is Elder Chad Russell's mom Teresa thank you so much for letting him Skype us from your home the missionaries here came to our house this morning and skyped there family's and it was such a neat feeling! My heart is full, all these missionaries are such a blessing. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my beautiful son!

Bro. Mays said...
You are more than welcome. He is a great young man and missionary that is filled with the spirit and always carries it with him.  We feel his spirit and feel blessed every time he is in our home.  While living in Utah we didn't have much interaction with the missionaries.  I love it when Elders like your son come to our home because he is such a great role model for my 4 young children.  Thank you for raising him in the gospel and sharing him with Alaska. Happy Mothers Day!!

 When Elder Russell skyped home on mothers day he shared the most beautiful testimony to us and we will be forever grateful!!! We love you!!!    P.S.  Elder Russell is being transferred to Anchorage, Alaska!!!  

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