Monday, November 10, 2014

"Faith,Hope,Charity and Love" D&C 4!

Well I am not going to layout Monday through Friday but I will tell
you of a couple of days! This week has just been super busy and the
work is progressing!

Friday- We went and helped Laretta with her pig farm, a couple days
before Friday we went and caught 10 baby pigs and put them in a pen.
We showed up on Friday and they all escaped!!! ugh that was terrible!
So we went and fixed the pen and we should be catching them all again
in the coming week! We also helped her break all the ice out of the
Pigs drinking bowls! The days are getting colder and colder! We then
had Zone Meeting, we of course had to Skype in! The main points was to
Make Exchanges more effective and making sure that our miles don't go
over! ( Its kind of hard when people live forever away from you! haha
but we have actually been doing really really good with our miles! At
night we went over and taught Mary Treybal and we finished the new
member discussions with her! Finally! haha We taught her all of the
Laws and Ordinances. We then had dinner with my dads twin! Dallin
Wrigley and his family! We then went and saw our ward mission leader
brother Taylor. We told him the stuff that needs to be reported and
announced at ward council on Sunday because we wont be there! We will
be in Tok!

Saturday- We woke up and drove to Tok! Which is a 2 hour drive! We
went and saw a ton of Families! It was sweet! We picked up a couple of
referrals and a couple of Potentials, almost got shot, that was fun!
We stayed in the Bergs bed and breakfast cabin! There was a lot more
stuff going on this day but that is for when I get home! :)

Sunday- We did our studies and went and had breakfast with the Berg
Family! We didn't have a working toilet in our cabin so we had to go
use the out house in freezing cold weather! Quite the experience! We
then went to church, not in a church building but in the Branch
Presidents living room! There was a total of 10 people not including
us. I gave a talk in Sacrament along with a high counsel man that was
visiting! I gave a talk on "Faith, Hope, Charity and Love" D&C 4! It
was one of the most spiritual sacrament meetings I have ever had in my
whole life! It is amazing that the Lord is Present in a little home
with 10 members! I am so glad that I was able to experience that! We
then talked to the Branch President and he is a pilot and he has been
talking with President Robinson and they have been talking about Me
and Elder Modlik being flown into the Native Villages throughout the
North! We will be having dinner with the Master Chief in a couple of
weeks! Branch President said that he feels like it is time for
missionaries to start going to the Northern villages!

Well that's part of my amazing week! I love you guys! Stay safe and warm!

Elder Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Delta Junction & Tok

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