Monday, November 3, 2014

Best teaching week in Delta!

Monday- For P-day we went and did some quilting! woot woot! It was
probably one of my best p-days ever! haha. We had a  super spiritual
lesson with a less active family, the dad wants his kid to be baptized
and he wants to become active again. It is the Carston family!

Tuesday- Today we had transfer meeting, and of course it is in
Anchorage which is 350 miles away so we had to Skype in and watch it!
My trainer is going home, Elder Landon. His time is up. That's crazy
how time flies! Had a lesson with Bill, how he made it through
life was by playing guitar in bars and things like that, and he has
not played in years!!!!! like 30 years was the last time he touched
one. People have been trying to get him to play for so long now, and
guess who got him to play????? The one and only missionaries! haha. We
then went and saw Brother Mcneal who is also less active and we found
out why he has not been coming to church, because someone told him
that the sacrament was only passed on Fast Sunday! He would always
show up to fast Sunday but not any other Sunday. He told us that he
will start coming more now that he knows that! haha goof ball! :) We
finally got in with this family that I have been trying forever and
they loved us!!! We will be seeing them at the Ward Halloween party!
We then went to the Gas Station and we walked in and talked to this
guy that was all tattooed up with gauges in his ears! We had a nice
chat and invited him to the Ward Halloween party and he said he will
go with his family!

Wednesday- We went to the Steak house and talked to this man who is a
Jehovah's witness and he wants us to teach him next week and answer
some questions! Boo Yeah! Had Lunch with this less active guy named
Joe Erickson and he made us Ribs, Mashed Potatoes, and corn! Sooooo
Gooood! haha we finally found out his concern, how? Well we just asked
him! haha easy as that. We then went and helped this lady at her pig

 Thursday- We went and took a load of wood from sister kirk and gave it
to this lady that is in need. Had dinner with the Lemon family and
there son Wyatt is going on a mission in 4 days to Ukraine, so we had
him act like a missionary for our lesson and we taught the Restoration
to the rest of his family with him teaching as well and boy did the
whole family start crying! haha it was awesome!

Friday- We went and helped the Carston family unload pellets for there
wood burning stove, and then taught them a lesson! Went over to
Skaleskies and sister Skaleskie told us that Zoya and John the people
that we went dog mushing with, they want to take the discussions! Me
and Elder Modlik were jumping up and down! We taught a new member
discussion to Mary Treybal and we are now done with the commandments!
We then had the Halloween party and the Chili cook off! We were the

Saturday- We went and saw our investigator Richard who is a seventh
day advent and we taught him about he Priesthood and invited him to
church. Dinner with the less active Rhile family and we had a good
lesson, spirit was super strong! We then went to Wyatt Lemons
fairwell. And he introduced us to some of his friends that are not
members and they want to meet with us.

Sunday- We woke up did our studies and then went to church at 10 but
when we showed up there were no cars there, so we were like what the
heck is today not Sunday, did they cancel church because it was to
cold or what, but then it dawned on us.... it was daylight savings!
haha dang it, no one told us! Richard showed up to Church!!!!!!! He
loved it! The Carston family also showed up! Dinner with the krauses
and they brought some friends and we ended up teaching them and picked
them up as new investigators! They want to meet with us again!

Man what a jam packed week! Best teaching week in Delta! The work is
progressing and nothing will get in the way of that! Me and my
companion are striving and doing really good at being Exactly
Obedient! Obedience brings blessings but Exact Obedience brings
Miracles! I love you guys! Stay safe and warm out there!

Elder Chad Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Delta Junction & Tok Branch

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