Monday, November 24, 2014

We were flying down the mountain!

Well I am doing alright! Sister Skaleski told you about us getting
stuck on the mountain right? Well if you didn't then well let me tell
you. We got up to the very top of the mountain and its like 0 degrees
and the wind is blowing like 40 miles per hour. When we got to the top
we opened up our coats and leaned forward about 45 degrees and the
wind was holding us up! We had to clime the mountain on all fours
because it was slick and steep! It was getting late and we decided to
take what we thought a easy path back to the car, so we are hiking
down and then there is a super super steep hill about 200 yards long
and it was all ice! there were bushes all around us so all three of us
said well its getting super dark and we are super late, so we decided
to slide down the icy hill. What we would do is we would lay on our
backs with our legs facing down and we would slide and grab bushes and
then slide and grab bushes! We did this for an hour and you would
slide and miss the bushes sometimes and then you crash into the bushes
and that hurt but we were flying down that mountain! It was super
scary but super fun! We had our missionary Restoration Fireside that
we put on for Delta Junction! We put a lot of work into this thing! We
had nerators and singers and conversion stories and a slide show and
piano playing the whole time! It was super awesome and we had food and
deserts! Lots and Lots and Lots of Non members came because we
challenged everyone to bring someone! and they did! Haha I will have
to tell you the rest of it on Skype on Christmas!
So Elder Mccusker came out with me from the MTC and he is now AP and
He told me that there will be 30 new missionaries coming in next
transfer and only 7 leaving and then the transfer after that we will
be having another 30 new missionaries and only 7 leaving! Where are
they going to go? haha usually only like 5 or 6 would come out! Well
those were two highlights that I thought I should share! A lot more
went on these past couple of weeks but that's for later! I love you So

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