Monday, January 19, 2015

Church was awesome! We had 3 investigators attend church!

Monday- We went on a hike on Near Island! In the middle of the Hike you come up to this cliff and off course the ocean is right below you and while I was walking up to the edge of it to jump off.... Jk. To look over the edge. Right when I got up to the Edge I spooked a Bald Eagle and scared the Crap out of me because it was only 2 feet away from me! While we were looking out at the ocean there were tons of sea otters! It was another Typhoon this day. We got Lost on the Island and it was getting dark, but of course we prayed and felt prompted to follow this stream and of course we found a road and it was right by our truck!

Tuesday- Went and Helped brother Catubig throwaway a fridge and a few other things! I tell you what, if you want to see thousands of Bald Eagles, go to the Manashka Bay Dump! I have seen so many bald eagles here in Kodiak. I mean while you are driving on the road you look to your left and you see 5 and then you look to the right and you see 3 more! haha Everywhere! Brother Catubig (filipino) fed us lunch and he fed us Octopus!!! mmmmmm! 

Wednesday- just saw a ton of people

Thursday- Went and helped out at the animal shelter! We went and tried Carmin Rivera, a lady that we have tracted into and she is super catholic but this was like our 3rd time meeting with her and we have not taught her the Restoration because we were nervous but this time we were just like, no matter what we are teaching it! haha She liked it a lot! We gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read and she said that she would! She is a teacher at the St. Marrys Catholic School. hehe. We also got our Transfer calls.... Me and Elder Casia are staying! This is Elder Casias last Transfer! I hope he works hard to the end!

Friday- tracted, saw people.

Saturday- We tried a less active guy and his name is Anthoney and when we saw him his Girlfriend was there and her name is Emily! She is super Catholic but recently she told us that when she went to mass she was super frustrated because the catholic church has been changing everything and it is so confusing for her! So we shared the Restoration and to her to Bring all the truth that she has and to come and receive more. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she said that she will definitely read it! Had two dinners, one with a Dominican family, named the Maldonado's, and the other was with the Catubigs and they fed us Chocolate Rice with Dried Fish...... yumm...... 

Sunday- Went to church! Church was awesome! We had 3 Investigators attend church! And a Less active family! After Church we went and administered the Sacrament to the Moris's and gave sister Moris a blessing! Had dinner with our Ward mission leader and his family the Ariss's. It was brother Ariss's birthday! So we made him a cake and He loved it! We gave his son a blessing!

Well that was my crazy but awesome week! Love you Guys!

Elder Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Kodiak Island
Soldotna Zone  

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