Monday, January 26, 2015

I'm sending pictures for my email this week!

Decided to through a Kodiak snowball at you! Haha

Kodiak Island!

Panoramic of  Kodiak in the snow!

Driving down Pillar Mountain!

Elder Casia being weird! Haha Nerd!

Fort Abercrombe! Old Army bunkers and guns! The hike that we went on!

Miller Point


The cliff that I hiked down! Yeahhhhhh that was SCARY! I wont do that again! I didn't  realize how dumb it was until I got to the bottom! SORRY MOM! Haha I wanted to get closer to the Eagles that's why  I hiked down! Haha 

Buoy stuck in between the cliff's! Haha

See the Eagle!

Star Fish!!!
Elder Casia made the chicken and I made the Biscuits! You should be so proud!Haha
Pinewood derby car Kodiak pinewood derby! No rule competition! I carved it with mp pocket knife and I put a ton of thumb tacks and its not finished in the picture but toward the back end I put a Angle Moroni! Believe it or not I  took 4th place out of 32 racers! Haha All the adults had blank surprised faces! Haha It was awesome! I gave my car to the little kid that wanted it! Haha!    ( Snow P-day )

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