Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Book of Mormon Alma 47 (part one)

This week Elder Russell sent out some personal e-mails so I don't have one to post.  But as his mom I want to thank him for his strength and obedience to serve and share the gospel with Alaska. He has built my testimony by his example and his love. He sent a letter to us and he's teaching us from the Book of Mormon in Alma 47.

  So Amalickiah wants to become King of the Lamanites but the Lamanites did not know this, because Amalickiah has a secret plan.  So Amalickiah being an Apostate Nephite who was angry at the Nephites went to the Lamanite King and convinced him to Battle the Nephites. So the King sends out a Proclamation to the people saying that they should gather themselves together again to go to battle against the Nephites.  When the people read this they feared to displease the King, and they also feared to go to battle against the Nephites because they don't want to lose there lives.  so most of them would not fight, but the rest of them obeyed the command and Amalickiah was appointed by the King to be there commander over this army.  The people that did not accept the command of the king ran away to a place called Onidan and they gathered themselves on top of a mountain called Antipas.  They appointed a man to be their leader named Lehonti.
  Amalickiah and his army decide to go after Lehenti and convince him and his people to join his army so that he will have a better chance to take over the Nephites.  So Amalickiah and his army march to mount Antipas and they pitch their tents near mount Anitpas.
  Amalickiah sends a secret embassy in the night into the mount Antipas, desiring that Lehenti should come down to the foot (bottom) of the mountain so that Amalickiah can speak to him and try to convince him to join his army.  But Lehonti  said no, because he was fixed in his mind with a determined resolution that he will not be subjected to go against the Nephites.  So Amalickiah sends them a second time, desiring him to come down.  Lehonti responded, No! Amalickiah sends them a third time and Lehonit says, No! When Amalickiah saw that this was not working Amalickiah went up into the mountain, nearly to Lehonit's camp and he sends his message for the forth time desiring that Lehonti would come down, and he can even bring his guards with him.  Lehonti gives in.
(Verse 13 of Alma 47) " and it came to pass that when the Lehonti had come with his guards to Amalickiah, that Amalickiah desired him to come down with his army in the night-time, and surround those men in their camps over whom the king had given him command, and that he would deliver them up into Lehonti's hands, if he would make him (Amalickiah) a second leader over the whole army."
14." And it came to pass that Lehonti came down with his men and surrounded the men of Amalickiah, so that before they awoke at the dawn of day they were surrounded by the armies of Lehonti."
15."And it came to pass that when they saw that they were surrounded, they pled with Amalickiah that he would suffer them to fall in with their brethren, that they might not be destroyed.  Now this was the very thing which Amalickiah desired."
16."And it came to pass that he delivered his men, contrary to the commands of the king, now this was the thing that amalickiah desired, that he might accomplish his designs in dethroning the King." 
17."Now it was custom among the Lamanites, If their chief leader was killed, to appoint the second leader to be their chief leader." 
18." And it came to pass that Amalickiah caused that one of his servants shoul administer Poison By Degrees to Lehonti, that he died."
19." Now when Lehonti was dead, the Lamanites appointed Amalickiah to be their leader and their chief commander."     ( please read the next post to get the rest of the story )


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