Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy Birthday To Elder Russell!

Monday- Was Elder Villegas' first actually p-day on the mission! After we emailed our friends and families we went shopping. Elder Villegas went crazy on his shopping! He spent $140. That's pretty much his whole months allotment. I hope he will learn his lesson! :) For P-day we played basketball and ping pong because he wanted to, so we did. It snowed and he was pretty excited about that. He made his first snow ball ever. But he was freezing! After P-day and dinner we went and contacted a referral that we received from a member in our ward, Sister Pagaduan, The referral was one of the people that she worked with. Their name is the Barogas family. We taught them the Restoration and it was super spiritual! At the End of the lesson we invited the father to say the closing prayer, he first said no but then we showed him how to pray and then we asked again and he said yes. After the Beautiful prayer that he said he told us that that was his first time praying in his life! 

Tuesday- We helped out at the Senior Center, we helped them bowl! After that we just have a good time with them and crack some jokes make them laugh! haha its fun! Had dinner with our bishop and we just talked about hunting the whole time over the dinner table! When I brought up hunting his wife rolled her eyes and said "Here we go" haha and bishop and I were talking a lot about hunting! haha It was funny! Then of course we shared a message and talked to him about what has been going on lately in the work! Nobody was home today... they were either asleep because of work or they were working or just did not want to see us! It was tough but After planning we got a call from the Assistants to the President and they told me that they loved me and were thinking about me. The work is just getting harder and harder, and I was getting down and I really needed that phone call from them! Just reminding me that the Lord is there! 

Wednesday- We had our lovely district meeting today!  Elder villegas' first one! Man me and him are to much alike! Its weird! He told me that his bishop told him that every companion that he will serve with will be the opposite of him. He told me that, that was not true because me and him are like the exact same, except he is Filipino and I am white. haha. Helped out at the Animal Shelter. We had a lesson with Sister Grothe (Less active) and the Gray family came with us. we taught about Prayer and Scripture study. And how not only do we need to feed ourselves physically to survive, but the same thing is spiritually, we need to spiritually feed ourselves everyday! Lesson with our investigators Tim and Teresita, They have been reading the Book of Mormon everyday! Which is awesome because they have not read it in a while! 

Thursday- We had a trainers trainee training that no body told us about until it started. People just forget about us out here in Kodiak. We had nobody for dinner today so Elder Villegas wanted to go to Mcdonalds so we went and the Burnside Family (active) were there and they paid for us! I don't like it when people do that. But Im Grateful. 

Friday- My 20th Birthday! Goodbye Teenager, Hello Old. So to start off my wonderful Birthday we had our Weekly 2 hour planning! Yippy...  We then went to the Old Power House for lunch and we had sushi. I had ill, red Salmon, and Pink Salmon. We then went and drove out to Bells Flats and Helped out a less active member named Larry Evans and he finally opened the door to us and it turns out that he really likes us! So we helped him unload a semi trailer of Animal feed and straw. That was fun! After we got done planning I received a ton of Phone calls from the missionaries singing happy birthday! The only person that knew about or I told about my Birthday was my companion. haha So it was nice, not having all of these people saying happy Birthday to me, because its not about me. haha 

Saturday- All we did today was go to Omar Stratmens Funeral. That was sad. We then helped out at the Women's Shelter by setting up Bunk beads for them! We set up 3 today! They call us to help out with stuff because they trust us. haha they love it when we come and help. They always cry. haha nice people. 

Sunday- Had church and the topic for the speakers was on unity. High councilman was there and gave a talk. We then went and gave the Sacrament to the Morris family at the Hospital. We went and finished the last 2 bunk beds at the women's shelter because they needed them done by Monday because more women were coming in and they needed a place to sleep. 

Well that was my week! Love you guys! Thank you for all the Birthday Wishes!
Old Power House in Kodiak

Went and had Sushi for my Birthday Lunch!

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