Monday, September 2, 2013

shared 22 lessons this week!

So this week was kind of a long week!!! well It felt like it! We are both sick but we have been teaching a lot of lessons! we shared 22 lessons this week! So This week we did lots and lots of service! we helped this non member who is an Alaska State Trooper cut down trees and cut logs and chop wood, and he said that he is fine with us sharing the gospel with him, so he is a potential Investigator! And the person that helped us was also a State Trooper! Bro. Anderson and we were all driving separate so we had 3 cars and so having them being state troopers and all we were all driving down the road and we had Jim (State Trooper) and then us And then Brother Anderson! So it was really weird and nerve racking that we were surrounded by state troopers!!! But it was super awesome! Then we helped a less active move in and that took pretty much all day! Then we had transfer calls on Saturday and President said that he wants me to stay in North Pole for another Transfer! cool huh? 
Well I love you and keep on keeping on! I love you with all my heart! Don't forget to say your prayers!

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