Monday, September 9, 2013

2 month mark

Well this week was pretty awesome! well most of it was! We helped Jim the state trooper (Investigator) and he wants us to keep having us over because well..... he really really likes us! It is so fun to talk to him! Then we Got a new elder and a new sister in our Zone!!! They are pretty shy but they will start to feel more comfortable when they have some experience! Its kind of weird that tomorrow will be my 2 month Mark!!! It is flying! Oh and I have been feeling better but my companion Elder Landon is not doing so good! We had to go to the Urgent Care because he has been coughing up Blood!!! He has a problem with his heart but they don't know what is really wrong with him! So we were at the Hospital 2 days in a row! Yeah and I was in the lobby while he was with the doctor for 3 and a half hours both days and Everybody around me were waiting to get a test! Yeah I almost got sick!  Yeah this was an interesting week!

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