Monday, September 23, 2013

Well you want to know what my week was like.......

Well you want to know what my week was like? Well Im not going to tell you!!!.... Haha just kidding! 
Well we did 30 HOURS of Service this week! We chopped wood, we took out Trash, we built a roof, we chopped some more wood, we helped someone move, we took down a trampoline and drained Hoses and ripped out Gardens and put stuff under the house in the crawl spaces! OH and We helped a guy put a 3500 pound gun safe in his house! This morning we scraped Ice off of some random peoples cars so that when they come out they will be happy and all that good stuff! We have been sliding all over the place! We are getting out Snow Tires on Today! We shared a message with all of the Recent Converts! We picked up one recent convert on Base (Fort Wainwright) because his wife was really sick! Yeah that was really hard to get on to that base! Then I had an Interview with President and Sister Beesley! Fairbanks barely got any snow but North Pole got dumped on! This week was a pretty good week! 


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