Monday, November 4, 2013

Went ice skating :)

Okay so this week Was a really good week kind of! I say kind of because we didn't have a phone to contact people with because I dropped it in a pond ey! (I know that other missionaries around the world that don't have a phone they would probably be saying in their minds that I just need to grow up) Haha I mean Braxton is walking up a mountain before he gets to his area! But do you want to here the story? 
So we went to this less active members (Todd) house to go help him load his wood up to the top of this hill by his house and  he was not there and we called him and he said that he is on his way from work. So we were 50 miles away from civilization so if we wanted to go see people it would be pointless because by the time we get there we would have to head back to Todd's. So we Saw this pond by his house and it was covered in ice and it was about 4 inches thick and Me and Elder Hayes were sliding on it...... Hmmm not smart! haha He weighs 150 pounds and I weigh 230 and all of a sudden we here CRACK ....... CRACK.... CRACK and the ice is breaking so we tried booking it off the Ice and right before we got off the ice, our last steps broke the ice and our legs fell in and my hand rubbed up my leg towards my pocket and it popped the phone clean out of my pocket and it was like watching it in the air in slow motion! Yeah it was done for! So we still had to get the phone to get the Sim card out that has all of our contacts on it! So Elder Hayes has longer arms so I held on to the back of his shirt while he barely grabbed the phone. 
We went to the phone store and they said that we couldn't buy a new phone because we had to be on the bill and we were from America! So we waited there for like 2 hours and during those two hours we got to know the guy and he really liked us. (BLESSING) he was like hey guys you can have my old phone. He said to come by and visit him sometime! The Lord works in mysterious ways!
So yesterday we went to go and see this him and it was 8:50 Pm and it was really dark and we pull up to his house and we see two cigarette buds and we walked up and this guy was cussing us out and calling us Bible Thumpers and all that good stuff! He was going to beat us up but then we calmed him and his buddies down because they were on drugs! Then we shared a scripture from the bible and it softened his heart! Now we are good friends! Weird how that works huh? Haha well I love you guys and keep working hard! Remember who you stand for and for what you stand for! Love you all!

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