Monday, November 18, 2013

It's definitely been the fastest week so far!

-30 Degrees today
Sorry if I am all over the place today but this week has definitely been the fastest week so far! I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing because I am loving my mission. I have learned how to use time wisely especially when time is flying!
So Monday of course was P-Day!
Tuesday we had district meeting and we played Alaska Anchorage Mission Jeopardy! Me being the District Leaders Companion helped put that together and it was a blast! Then we asked if we could be in charge of Youngmens that day and they said sure! We called and Text all of the Youngmen in the branch and pretty much all of them showed up, well you know, its because they Love us! haha Jk but the people that came have not been to youngmens for a year or 2! Can I say that that was the best youngmens ever! we made it so fun! I pray that they are there next Tuesday!
Wednesday And Thursday again being companions with the District Leader means that I have the awesome opportunity to go on exchanges with all of the people in our district! Just like what Braxton was talking about, how exchanges really brings Miracles! We were walking down the street and these people were working on this house and they looked like they needed help and they said yeah of course So me and the Other elder ran back home! ( you will be surprised how fast you can run in the cold and I probably could of ran forever) We hurried and changed into our Service clothes and we drove to there house and helped them! Of course being Missionaries we were asking them questions and to find out pretty much all of their friends are LDS! After we worked on the house we went into their parents house next door and they fed us dinner!!!! YUMM!!! And then we Introduced them to the Book of Mormon (surprising huh? especial when all of their friends are LDS) And one of them asked about what we believed in and of course I pulled out 2 Article of Faith cards! (The Spirit prompted me to take those with me!! Yeah 100 points to the Holy Ghost!) haha They looked at it and one of the brothers put it on his laptop, right on the keyboard so that he can look at it! (He said he is always on his laptop!) (This guy is sponsored by Burton (the snowboarding company) They send him to go snowboard in Japan and all over the world!) Then we went back to the Book of Mormon and Surprisingly the mom said that she has read the whole thing! I asked her what the Holy Ghost taught her while she was reading it. And she said that she did not feel anything! So I pulled out my book of Mormon and read Moroni 10: 3-5 and after I got done reading it I bore my Testimony and said that as long as we do what it says in that scripture that I read that Heavenly Father will answer their prayers. She stood up and Pointed her finger in my face and said that Heavenly Father does not answer prayers, He took my daughter away from me! Again I bore my Testimony to her about the Plan of Salvation and then she calmed down and she told us to leave. But then we said that we were sorry. And I asked if I could Leave the Book of Mormon here on the table. And I also said that you don't have to read it, you can even put it on your shelf. But can I please leave this book of Mormon on your table? And the Brother that Snowboards Took it from the table and he said that he is going to read it and that he promises that he will read it every night! They would not let us say a prayer before we left but While we were almost out the door the mom said that she is sorry that she got mad and that she wants us to come back and talk more about the plan of salvation.
Saturday we went over to Todd P. house and he showed us how to paint pictures on rocks! So that was way awesome! He fed us P soup and dumplings!
And on Sunday we had 3 less active families show up to church!

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