Monday, November 11, 2013

This week was really really busy!

The week was good and Really Really busy! Whitehorse has not been this busy since June 2007! The work is progressing! Lots and Lots of Fasting and Praying! Yeah I am great-full that we got a new phone also! Walking on Ice is fun though! Haha! I have more crazy things to tell you when I tell you about my week! I Sent a Letter to grandma Shirley about 7 days ago! so hopefully she gets it! I have not gotten your letters yet but they should be coming soon! That's way cool that you saw some deer! Guess what I saw a deer too! Weird to see a deer up this far! I see Lots and Lots of Fox! I See some moose and Deer oh and dead Caribou! I don't need anything just keep on praying for me and Elder Hayes! I bet having dinner with the Rodgers was a riot! Actually I have grown a lot in the Past "4" Months! It has been 4 months.... CRAZY! Okay so Here is my busy Week!

So on Monday we went over to Jessica F. and her boyfriends house to Have dinner and she wanted to play Canadian Monopoly so we did and we told her that we had to go and she would not let us leave until we finished the game!!! Ugh crazy crazy crazy Canadians! 
On Tuesday we called president and asked if we can go play basketball with this less active member whose name is Kevin! And we got permission and what we were doing was scrimmaging the High School Basketball Team! They were all Filipinos! So we beat them 6 games to 0! Haha And I am not even that good at basketball I'm fat and out of shape! But the important thing was is that they came to really like us! All of the Coaches and Players! 
Wednesday we went and helped with the Special needs and the old people Curl! Like the Sport Curling like what you see in the Olympics ( Just cant get away from all that Ice) That was way Fun!. Then we went over to another Special needs and old people home and we brought them all into this room where this guy named Bob plays the Banjo for them all! 
Then on Friday we went to this other church called Salvation Army and Helped them hand out food to all of the poor  in Whitehorse! It was dead in there and then me and Elder Hayes were dancing and then everybody else started dancing! Just to lift the Spirits! Haha I can Not dance! Then we helped Todd P. who is A less Active member load wood all the way up to his house! While we were loading wood he told us a story about a bear at his front door not to long ago!
It kind of went like this!
  So Todd have you seen much bear up here?
Yeah I just saw one not to long ago and it was trying to break down my door!
  Why was it trying to break down your door Todd?
Because I was popping popcorn for my kids while they were visiting!
  So what did you do?
Well I got so mad because I just barely painted that door so I grabbed my shotgun and I kicked the door open and BOOM! Bear meat for days!
  That's one heck of a story you got there! Haha

After he told us that story we heard a pack of wolves coming towards us so we left! Haha we are going over there again this week to finish!
Sunday! Oh how much I love Sundays! I had the opportunity to speak on Fasting which went really good (I think)! Then our Ward mission leader told us to go to this Native church that is in the garage that is at 7 Pm So Being good missionaries we did what was asked! We knocked on the door and they were scared! they were like no no no no no get out of here we do not want you here! LEAVE! and Dont come back!
yeah that is how my week went! haha I love you all!

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