Monday, November 25, 2013


TRANSFER CALLS!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!! Yeah am staying with Elder Hayes in Whitehorse for another transfer!  Haha So This week was a pretty good week! We did a lot of service this week! First off me and my companion have a plan! Sssshhhhhhh! So their is this Christmas party that is going on at our branch presidents house (Big House) on Dec 21 and they had one last year to and he said there was one hundred and forty people there and more than half of them where less active members and non-members! So Me and Elder Hayes are going to be working with the young men and we are making a Batman Video! Its going to be hilarious and then of course after they show our video then they are going to show a joy to the world video! Its going to be awesome! If I can get a copy then I will definitely send it to you guys! 
But going back to my week! We helped Todd P. Shovel his parking lot because get this!!! He was hosting a band that travels all over the world! And they Played the next day at his house! He invited us to come and he said that he would let us in for free! Man that was so tempting! haha but of course we said that we couldn't but the next day when the band was going to play! Todd called us and he said I have an Emergency! So we drove to his house and he said that his basement flooded and this was about  1 hour and a half before the band was going to play! How he flooded the basement was that the water heater busted! NO GOOD! So the funny thing is is that this guy is really rich and so He gave us his credit card and his pin so that we can go and buy him a new water heater! Haha he really trusts us! Good thing I'm a missionary right now or else! haha just kidding! So after we got it installed and stuff he introduced us to the band and he was bragging on how cool we are and so we had a conversation with the band and they were baptized.... Haha just kidding! But they really liked us so that was good! The band thought that missionaries were like robots, but when they got to know us and we got to know them then they changed their thoughts about us! Cool Stuff going up here in Whitehorse Canada! Those Canadians are still crazy thought! Haha There was some more things that happened this week but... I can tell you those when I get home because I cant tell you all of the stories while I am on my mission because if I do that then what am I going to say when I get home! haha Love  you Guys!!!!! 

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