Monday, February 3, 2014

Here is my week!

Here is my week!

Monday- of course was P-day! We visited with a couple of active families! Not much on Monday!

Tuesday- we visited with our investigator Collin, and he told us that he has been listening to MOTAB a lot and he really likes it. He is comparing the Jehovah witnesses to The LDS church. He is doing his Research which is way awesome! After that we had dinner with one of our Less active members and after dinner he showed us this $3,000 Drone! It has a camera on it and everything! It can go up to 1,000 meters in the air! Then he took it out side and started flying it! We have a little t.v. screen on the ground and so we were able to see what the drone was looking at! We were able to see the whole town of Whitehorse! It was colored white and pink! Pink because his wife would not let him get it unless it had some pink in it! Them Crazy People! Literally though they are crazy!

Wednesday- we had a P.V.C training over the web, and that lasted for 3 hours! So many training's! haha you get used to them after a while! You get used to giving training in front of the whole mission! Just like what Braxton said! I was not really that comfortable getting up in front of people but now I am so used to it! And also being put on the spot, you have to come up with something really quick, and I definitely could not do that before my mission! 

Thursday- We served food at Salvation Army again and they were so happy to see there Mormon boys! I know that you are not aloud to dance as a missionary but the natives at Salvation Army really love us for that! Haha Transfers are in a couple of weeks and they all think that we are leaving and they do not want us to leave! They asked for the Mission Presidents number so that they can call him and tell him that me and Elder Hayes have to stay here in Whitehorse! Of course we did not give them his number, those crazy Natives! We also knocked on a lot of doors that day and every single one of them were slammed in our face, another thing that I am used to! Lol! But almost all of them said that they respect us for the hard work that we are doing! If you respect us then why are you not a Mormon!? Hehe! Then we had dinner with a bush Pilot, he has some stories! But that is for later!

Friday- We got done with studies and we headed down to Skagway to go pick up our Zone Leaders but when we got there they told us that there flight got canceled because of all the fog in Juneau! so we headed back to Whitehorse and that pretty much messed up our whole day!

Saturday- we get a call from our Zone Leaders saying come pick us up from Skagway! So we drove back down to Skagway and drove back up! That was our day again!

Sunday- We saw a bunch of people! People that were not interested started texting us and we went and saw them! Now they are interested and the work is really picking up! 

I love all you guys and I am so Greatful that you are a part of my life! Thank you for your awesome example!

Elder Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Whitehorse Canada

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