Monday, February 24, 2014

Wasilla is great!

Wasilla is great! We are super super super super busy, like I cannot
even think straight. Its a good thing that I keep a journal but of
course I forgot it today. I still have not unpacked everything because
we have been so busy. Usually when I get to an area I can unpack that
day that I arrive. My new companions name is Elder Cottrell, he is
from Vernal Utah, Elder Cottrell and I served in the same district together
when we were in North pole! All I want for my birthday is contacts for
my eyes, I left 2 boxes in Whitehorse because I was scrambling around
trying to pack everything up. If you could do that that would be awesome. I know that its your
birthday this Thursday and I have a present for you but it will be a
week or two late, you will understand when you get it! :) HAPPY
BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD!!!!!  Haha Mom you  are so
awesome! So me and Elder Cottrell being really busy with 2 wards, on
Sunday we had a Meeting at 9 with the YSA ward and then we had church
at 11 for the YSA ward and then we had Church for the Memory Lake ward
at 1 and we did not get done with church until 4. We were exhausted! I
dont know how dad does it every sunday! Haha Well the work paid off,
we just put a guy on date in the YSA ward for March 1st so hopefully
he will be ready! Haha His name is Deon and he is 29 years old and he is ripped! Like huge muscles! Haha
I love you Guys!

Elder Russell

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