Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Whitehorse is treating me good!

Okay so Whitehorse is treating me good! Elder Hayes is not with me anymore! I will talk about that later. That is so awesome that you were able to go to the temple, and especially with your best friend! I have received the letters but I have not had time to sit down and read them yet, but I will as soon as possible!  The weather is -35 right now and it is going to get to -40 tonight! Fun fun! I sure do have a microwave! Elder Hayes goes home in August! 7 Month went by really fast that is for sure! church was interesting! I cant really explain it! You would have to see it to believe it!  So about Elder Hayes! Well last Friday night we got a call at 11 pm. and I answered it and I didnt have my contacts in because well I was trying to get some sleep! Haha but I answered it and I said

-Hello this is Elder Russell
*Oh Elder Russell this is President Beesley how are you doing?
-Oh.....well....im tired, and thats pretty much it! 
* Haha thats good to hear! Can you hand the phone to Elder Hayes?
- I sure can! ELDER HAYES wake up Pres. wants to talk to you! Here he is President.
* Elder Hayes you need to pack up your bags because you will be going down to Anchorage to be Zone Leader with Elder Jex for a week! ( NOTE: Transfer calls are in a week). You will be driving down to Skagway and then Flying to Juneau and then Flying to Anchorage! Elder Russell will be put with the other 2 missionaries and they will be a Trio! Good night Elder Hayes and I will see you soon!
-....... Thank you President!

Yeah so we dropped him off yesterday! He was supposed  to fly out at 12 but then it got canceled and moved to 3 but that one got canceled so he left on a 7 hour ferry to Juneau instead! So we were in Skagway all day! I left my Journal back at the Apartment so this is all Im going to say for now! I love you so much!

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