Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm transferred to Wasilla!

Hey Mom sorry that I did not email you yesterday, I was flying to
Anchorage! So I got transferred to..... Da da da da! Memory Lake Ward
in the Wasilla Zone and Also.... da da da da! Sasitna YSA! 2 Areas,
ugh.... Super Busy! We cover alllllll of Wasilla! I am happy that I am
getting transferred and sad! We put a guy on date right when I left
Whitehorse! OF COURSEEEEE THAT HAPPENS! Haha I don't have much time to
email because we have appointments today, but I will answer your
questions! Yes I read your letters on the Ferry ride to Juneau, Thank
you So much! I will try to write back when I have time. I really do
feel bad when I don't write you guys back, its just I have been to
busy, and now I have 2 areas! But I promise I will do better! Of
course I got your package! Thank you so much! I'm getting used to the
cold! Its not that dark anymore, its almost normal now! I love you mom
and the rest of the family of course!

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