Monday, April 21, 2014

I cannot explain the feelings that I had this Easter Sunday!

My Easter was pretty amazing! Nothing really big happened it was just
the spirit that I felt so Strongly! Wasilla is awesome! It got up to
61 degrees!!!!! TOOO HOOOTTTT!!!!! Here is my week, not to much

Monday- So for P-Day we went on a hike to the Beutt!! You can see all
of Wasilla! Had dinner with the Winn family! The Mom and Dad both
served in the Army and that is where they met! He was in some serious

Tuesday- We were not feeling so good that day but we still went out
because we had a lot to do! We took one of the Priests with us and we
saw a lot of single ladies! Super awesome! The priest showed us some
houses to go knock on! Haha he is way awesome!

Wednesday- Nothing really happened this day, just pretty much knocked
on some doors!

Thursday- So on this day we met with our Progressing Investigator Deon
in the YSA and he is solid! He is being Baptized on May 3rd! But when
we went over, there was this one lady that we asked to sit in the
lesson with us and we taught the Restoration! She wants to meet again
on Tuesday of next week!

Friday- We had Zone meeting which was entertaining I guess! haha then
weekly planning! That took up about 5 to 6 hours of our day! Then we
went over to meet with our investigator and he said that he moved to
his moms house and he told us that they are soooo Anti Mormon and so
we asked for the Address and he hesitantly gave it to us and we went
over! The family was shocked! They let us in and we clicked instantly!
We had an awesome lesson with those guys! They want us to stop by
again sometime next week!

Saturday- So we borrowed the Zone Leaders truck and Drove all the way
up to Talkeetna which is a 2 hour drive and we went and had a lesson
with this Less Active guy and we started talking about the Atonement
and then we felt prompted to talk about the temple and he wants to
become an elder and to go through the temple! So we invited him to
call his bishop and make a 2 hour drive to talk to him about some
things that he needs help with! We promised him that he would not
Regret it! I found out that my companion from last transfer just hit a dog
with our car!  We helped move some (again)  Really anti Mormon
people and we clicked with them and we are having dinner with them

Sunday- He is Risen and He lives!!! 7 1/2 hours of church was amazing!
I cannot explain the feelings that I had this Easter Sunday! The
Spirit was so strong!

This week was a pretty good week!

I love you guys!

Elder Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Memory Lake and Susitna YSA wards

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