Monday, April 28, 2014

"Today was a Miracle!"

I am doing amazing! And Yes I did get the Package! It was so
awesome!!!! Thank you so much! I am not even done with the first box
so those can wait, thanks though! Whitney looks amazing with her new
hair cut and Bridger is getting TALL!!!! sounds like Megan is showing
off her awesomeness and also Alicia! She has an awesome smile! You
Look amazing as usual and Dad, well he has always been cool! Haha
Sounds like you guys are staying super busy! I am excited to see y'all
faces on the 11th! I Love you Lots and here is my week!

So I am going to switch up this letter, I am not going to do my
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday thing this time because I want to share an
amazing experience with you guys! So this week we have seen many
miracles and one of them is that we just got 4 new investigators this
week and we had stake conference with Elder Balobela from the Seventy
there! And now I will share this cool experience with you guys! Oh and
Deonn is still on Date for the 3rd of May!

I will just type it how I wrote it in my journal!

    " Today was a Miracle! First we had stake conference and Melanie
(I), Deonn, and Mike Galager were there! Then we went to our
appointment at 2 pm and it is a potential investigator and her
birthday was yesterday and she turned 23, but they celebrated it today
(Sunday)! And we were there and there was a party going on and her
friends and pretty much her second family was there. so we started
teaching the Restoration and 30 other people were sitting in it! We
taught most of it and then dinner was ready so we were eating and it
has been 2 hours and Elder Bowen told me that we should schedule a
different time to come back and I told him that I feel prompted that
we need to stay and finish teaching the lesson! So after we ate we all
went back to the living room and we continued the lesson! The spirit
was so strong! Everybody could feel it, I mean the force of that
spirit pushed Satan back like 200 miles! It was getting to the end of
the lesson and the thought crossed my mind. " Should we invite her to
be baptized?" And I kept on telling myself "No, I don't think she is
ready" But then I pretty much got a huge punch to the face by the Holy
Ghost, and telling me to invite her now because she is ready! I opened
my mouth and I began to testify, and I cannot even remember the words
that came out of my mouth except this part! " Janessa will you follow
the example of Jesus Christ, and be baptized by someone holding the
priesthood authority of God?" After I asked that question she
immediately answered or screamed "YES", "we will be holding a
baptismal service on May 17th will you prepare yourself to be baptized
on that day?" again she immediately responded "YES", I then testified
that while she is going down this path that she is taking that Satan
is going to work hard on you and that when he does attack because he
will, kneel down and ask God for help! Then I told her that story of
Peter walking out to Jesus on the water and he started to fall and
Peter pretty much well saying help and Jesus Immediately stretched
forth his hand and lifted him up" I told her that that will happen to
her if she asks for help from God!

I love you guys so much!

Elder Chad Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Memory Lake and Susitna YSA Wards
Wasilla Zone

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