Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference! It's like super bowl sunday for missionaries!

 Monday- I Got my New Companion Elder Bowen! He just came out of Rangle
and He is from Draper Utah and we are both 19 and we were in the same
MTC group Together and He played LACROSSE for Alta High School ( Ugh I
miss Lacrosse)! At YSA FHE we sat down with these two sisters that are
the Relief Society leaders and we went through the Whole YSA Roster!
CRAZY! That took lie 2 and a half hours!

Tuesday- We had transfer meeting so we traveled down to Anchorage for
that! And I took Elder Bowen around to pretty much all of the ward

Wednesday-  We helped this homeless guy find a home and I will explain
the story when I get back Home! So make sure you remind me! Hahaha ;)

Thursday- So me and Elder Bowen for this transfer are going through
the Whole YSA List and the Whole Memory Lake list! They need to be
updated and we are also doing it because the missionaries before just
got in a routine of just seeing the same people! So we started on this
day! Busy Busy!

Friday- We met with our YSA Investigator Deon and me and Elder Bowen
have been praying really hard on what to share with him, and this came
into our minds that we need to share the Mormon message that is
titled, " You Know Enough" it is Neil L. Anderson saying that you don't
know everything but you know enough! And when we showed that to Deon
he was like, I totally needed that Message! We invited him to be
baptized on April 26 and he said yes! And what was also cool is that
this Less active member that was there told us after the lesson that
she would like to bring over a friend to take the Lessons with Deon!
So Awesome!

Saturday- General Conference Baby!!! Boy was it amazing! It went by
way to quick but it is a good thing that I took Notes! In between the
Morning and the Afternoon Session we put our service clothes on and we
had the Whole Zone that are close by to come help one of our Less
Active YSA people move! While we were helping her move she starting
crying and Me and Elder Bowen walked up to her and we talked with her
and she said that she is so grateful for all the wonderful help,and
she told us that she has been so stressed out that she has not eaten
for 2 days and so we asked if she would like a blessing! She said yes!

Sunday- General Conference Again!!! Its like super bowl Sunday for
missionaries! I am so grateful to have a Prophet to help lead and
guide us in these later days! I have another story but I will save
that for Later!

I love you Guys!!!!

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