Monday, June 16, 2014


Monday- Well we got our hair cut! We looooookkkkkk gggooooooooooodddddd!!! haha

Tuesday- So we had district meeting and Me and Elder Loy biked there.
Half way there it pored!!! we were soked! Then we went and saw Ron, I
am not going to tell you his last name because, well you will see! He
is buddies with the hells angels gang! Why did we go over to his
house, well because an investigator asked us about freemasonry and Ron
is a Freemason, so we had a pretty good talk! I thought he was going
to shoot me while we were having a conversation but I am good! A
missionaries got to do what a missionaries got to do! Haha

Wednesday- We went and did some service for the NCAI, it is a native
thing! They make some awesome Jewelry! They are not cheap they are a
few hundred bucks even thousands!

Thursday- I went on Exchanges with one of the Zone Leaders, and I was
on Exchanges with Elder Landon, does that name sound familiar? He is
the one who trained me! We had a blast! We tracted alllllll

Friday the 13th- Well we went to our investigators house and I walk
out onto the deck to see his awesome view of the ocean and I Look down
and I see garbage scattered all over the place! I look right below me
and guess what was there! A BLACK BEAR! I scared the crap out of that
thing and he like jumped into the air to like try to bite my face off!
What the bear didn't know is that it scared the crap out of me! And it
was a cub, not a small cub, like a big cub and the mom was close by!
So we called the State Troopers and they came out and stood by us with
there shot guns while we went and picked up the trash so that the bear
wont come back! It was pretty intense! They just sat up in there trees
like right above us! Fun fun!

Saturday- Since the ward wont do missionary work we just tracted
alllllll daaaayyyy! Fun!

Sunday- Well we went to church and somebody stole our meal calendar
again! Some people just don't like us missionaries! Haha we tracted
some more and some more! Then we went to President Beesley's fairwell!
:'( Don't go President! Well he is leaving on the June 30th! So even
though this week was mentally and spiritually tough, we picked up 8
new investigators! The Church is true everybody and don't forget it!
Transfers next Saturday! I love you guys!

Love Elder Russell
Anchorage Alaska
O'Malley Ward

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