Monday, June 30, 2014

The Baptism was amazing!

Of course you are my favorite mom! You are my only mom, so that
automatically makes you my favorite mom I have no choice! Haha JK!
Haha Your the best! The Baptisms were amazing and crazy and sooooooo
stressful! Elder Bratt (*Brought) is from Pleasant Grove Utah he is
almost 20 but looks like he is 16! Haha he is one of my great friends
on the mission! Um I still sleep the same. President Robinson and he
is from Bear Lake Utah! I love you Mom and here is my week!

Monday- Went to Wasilla for P-day because Elder Springer was with us
and it was his last day, President told him to go wherever he  wanted
and We did not get in until 11:30 that night! With Presidents
Permission of course!

Tuesday- Transfer Day! Elder Springer bought us Red Robin! YUMMM! We
then went to President and Sister Beesleys last Transfer meeting! I
was a reck! I am such a baby! I just could not hold it in. You want to
know what made it even better? We sang "Till we meet again" ! We then
had the baptismal interview for Jada and Everest! We had to teach them
the rest of the commandments before the Interview, it was intense! Oh
and they passed of course!

Wednesday- I had M.L.C (Missionary Leadership Council) It was soooo
long but it was amazing! We then gave a church and temple tour to our
investigator Terrence! When we took him into the temple (He can go in
just not past the front desk) we walked up to the desk and we had the
people at the desk bare there testimonies about the temple! It was
awesome! We sat there for 20 minutes and then right when Terrence left
the temple doors he stopped right in his tracks and he said WO! Did
you guys feel that? I felt so much love and peace and joy when I was
in the temple but right when I left I could feel part of it leaving
me, but I still feel good! It was amazing!

Thursday- Today was Chaotic!!!! We started to fill the font for the
Baptism and it filled up to the first step and the water was cold. Not
only was the water cold but there was no more water coming out! So we
got 2 huge pots and filled them with water and put them on the stove
until they came to a boil and we dumped them into the font and then we
would do it 2 more times then the water came back on right at the end
just enough to baptize the kids! President Beesley came to the
Baptism, and so did a lot of other people! The Baptism was amazing!
After the Baptism Everest Came and like tackled me with a huge hug!
This kid doesn't have a dad and so I let that Hug be okay! Then Amanda
(MOM) pulled me and Elder Loy off to the side and she told us that she
has not been to church in 10 years! until last Sunday! She said that
we were meant to be in this ward for a reason! She said that we were
the ones that they have been waiting for! She said that something
clicked when we came over for the first time! Before I met you guys I
would ram do not get baptized down my kids throats but I changed when
you 2 came over! That meant so much to us!

Friday- Saturday  ?

Sunday- Went to Church and I confirmed Jada and Elder Loy Confirmed
Everest! People were in aw in what we were saying when we were giving
the confirmations! So were we! Its crazy when the spirit works through
people like that! I then Spoke in Sacrament about the Priesthood! That
Night I did not go to bed until 11:30... Why? Because I had to do all
this District Leader Stuff! Its a good learning experience!

Well I love you guys!

Elder Russell
O'Malley Ward
Alaska Anchorage Mission

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