Monday, June 23, 2014



Monday- Well we did our Usual p day stuff, except I really did not get
a p day! People say that P day is a day off but its not, and every
missionary can testify to that!

Tuesday- We tracted alllllllllllllllllllll day and got nothing! :)

Wednesday- We had zone conference from 9 in the morning until 11:30 at
night and it was in Wasilla! It was presidents last zone conference! I
will talk about the Details later!

Thursday- So during comp study we felt prompted to ask Jada to be
baptized and we were like, what day? and so we looked at the Calendar
and we were like well the 5th wont work so lets shoot for the 12th and
I was like hey we should probably pray about it and we did not really
get an answer and so we thought it was super weird but we still had
this prompting to ask her to be baptized, so we go over there and
invite her and we said the 5th and I was so confused on why I said
that but I just rolled with it! haha She said yes! She wants to be
baptized in the ocean in Sewerd!

Friday- We met with Jada and talked more about the baptism!

Saturday- TRANSFER CALLS!!!!!! Well Elder Loy is going to be with the
biggest brown bears in the world and that is in Kodiak Island! I will
be staying and I will be getting Elder Bratt! Oh and get this I will
also be the District Leader for the Turnagan district! Thanks
President, thanks a lot! Ugh So fun.... It will be a good growing
experience! I pray that I don't totally trash the district! haha JK!
We then went to the Mayors Marathon and we helped out and it started
at 8 and ended at 4!

Sunday- Well we had an awesome Sacrament meeting! Jada and Everest and
Amanda came to church! I will talk about them more later! We then
received a call from the kids and it was on speaker phone and I pulled
over to the side of the road and They said that they want to be
baptized this Thursday! both of them Jada (10 years old) and Everest
(8 years old)! I will be baptizing Everest and Elder Loy will be
confirming him on Sunday and Elder Loy will be baptizing Jada and I
will be confirming her on Sunday! Super Exciting! This ward has not
had a baptism in 2 YEARS! I am so grateful!

Well I love you guys! Sorry this was so short, I don't have much time!

Love Elder Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
O'Malley Ward (DL)

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