Tuesday, June 3, 2014

We felt prompted to share Helaman 5:12

Monday-  We went and had ribs
with Terrance for our Memorial Day dinner! And we taught him the Plan
of Salvation after that! He is a stud!

 Wednesday- All we did was see a bunch of less actives! but its
all good though!

Thursday- Well I went on Exchanges with my district leader Elder
Micusker and we trackted alllllll daaaaaayyyyy loooonnnnngggg! And so
no body was letting us in, I don't know if I stunk or that I Looked
ugly that day but they just would not let us in! So when you are
tracking all day occasionally you have to go pee and when I was in
Wasilla you could just walk into the forest and go pee but not in
Anchorage because it is city!!! So I told Elder M that I really have
to pee and I am going to do everything that I can to get into the next
door, so we walk up to the door and we were talking about Jesus Christ
and he was like no thanks but then I was like so how did you come to
know about Jesus Christ? And we ended up talking to him for a couple
more minutes and we started to laugh and have a good conversation and
then after we bore testimony I said " Okay Tommy I have a series
question to ask you..... Can I use your restroom?" He said yes and boy
what a relief, Literally! Haha!

Friday- It was cool we helped this one lady who is less active and our
investigator Terrance was there and after we helped with the service
we felt really prompted to share Helaman 5:12 and we did and the Less
active lady was like no way that was my favorite scripture in seminary
way back when!!! And she bore her testimony about it and it was so
cool because she is making her way back to church and we are meeting
with there kids and she kind of wants them to get baptized!

Saturday- We helped Terrance build or put together a basketball hoop
for the less active ladies boy because it was his birthday and when we
put it together we played a game with them and boy did the
missionaries kick butt!!!! Don't mess with Mormons! They love us so
much! Then we taught Terrance the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Sunday- Well let me just say that Testimony meeting was not so good
for the missionaries, why because a guy went up there and told the
ward that the missionaries in this ward are not doing there job, we
have not had a baptism in 2 years! Me and Elder Loys chin dropped like
6 feet ( you might not think it is possible that it would dropped that
far but it did)  and most of the Members agreed! Ugh!!!! I just wanted
to stand up there at the pulpit and just rebuke them all!!!!! But when
I became a man I put away all foolishness and childish things! ahhhh
that made us so mad but what did we do, we just went back to work! Now
you know why there has not been a baptism in 2 years in that ward, its
not the missionaries, its the members! President was pretty upset!
Well the church is still true even though the people might not be
perfect! ;) haha

Love you guys!

Elder Russell

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