Monday, July 14, 2014

I cant believe it's been a year....

 I cant believe it has been a year.... its
going by way to fast. I kind of want it to slow down, but you guys
want it to speed up haha but I will be honest! I love serving God and
 he's always watching over me and protecting his missionaries and going
out and serving his children 24/7! I am scared for the time when I get
on that plane to go home, I thought going out on a mission was
terrifying. Home is what I am scared about. Its not you guys, its the
world and it is so much harder to live and to serve others when you
are back at home. I don't know how it will be but that is what I have
heard as I have talked to Return missionaries. They plead for us to
take them out with us and they plead for blessings and ask for our
prayers. That's what I am so grateful for as a missionary is that I
get the prayers of my family and friends and most importantly every
temple session! I feel the power that comes from it! So thank you for
praying for me it has helped me get through those hard times that we
all go through! Please let me know how I can serve you! I feel like I
can do more, not only here but back at home! I pray that when the time
comes that I will be ready with full body armor of God with the sword
of faith and prepared for that day when I get off that plane heading
home! Thank you for all that you do mom, I wish I could just give you
one big hug right now! Because you have been such a great example and
motivation for me to work harder! I see what hard things that you are
going through and so does dad and Heavenly Father! He will be at our
side forever and ever! Do what is right and let the consequence
follow, we are battling for freedom! keep up the good fight mom you
are doing awesome! Let your light shine forth to all the people that
surround you! Keep Heavenly Father in your Thoughts because thoughts
lead to action! Think of God in EVERYTHING that you do! I love you
mom! Here is my week!

Monday- was a crazy P-day! President and sister Robinson called us and
asked if we could help them out with something and that they would
like to talk to us! We were like man what did we do?! Haha all he did
was ask us some questions about the mission. That lasted for like 2
hours! They are awesome!

Tuesday- Well today was a fun and eventful day! So today we had
District Meeting and it was my first district meeting as a District
leader. And it went Amazing! The spirit was so strong! we then went
and helped this lady and her best friend cut some wood and they have a
pit bull named buddy! And Buddy likes to chase cars and so when we
were cutting wood I saw this big truck pulling a small trailer. I hear
from behind me, BUDDY NOOO! and the dog gets hit hard by this truck,
and IT DIDNT DIE! It popped right up and sat next to me and I said to
him, "Well I hope you learned your lesson, and I bet you wont chase
any more cars." He just was sitting down looking up at me and I could
tell what he was saying to himself. "Man Elder Russell, that flippin
hurt!" And I then said "Well duh Scooby doo what were you thinking!"

Wednesday- It was poring rain today and we helped this lady move and
guess what we found!? 2 LACROSSE STICKS! (Sorry Braxton). Me and Elder
Bratt both played back at home! Man we played for like 15 minutes
while we were waiting for a truck! Well I am now going on exchanges
with Elder Kettle who is from American Fork Utah and he has only been
out for 2 weeks!

Thursday- My year mark! Man crazy stuff! Time flies, I want it to slow
down a little bit!

Friday- Well Happy Birthday Eric! Love you man!

Saturday- Today we just went and tracked! We got a couple potentials
out of it! We then Mowed down this ladies forest in her front and back
yard! Why would you let weeds grow to be like 7 feet tall!? I felt
like I was in Narnia fighting all these animals with my weed whacker
and I also felt like Ammon, cutting off all those arms!

Sunday-  Boy was this a spiritual day! I will tell you about it some
other time! :)

I love you guys so much!

Elder Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
O'Malley Ward

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