Monday, July 28, 2014

I studied patience this week.

My week was alright, My head hurts because this ward is sooo behind on
things and we have been trying to get them caught up for 2 transfers
now and no body wants to help out, its just me and Elder Bratt and the
Lord. I studied patience this week, because Daulton and Jaxon passed
away and because the ward still wont do anything. So what have me and
Elder Bratt been doing? We have been meeting with sooooo many active
members!!! but it sounds like you had an awesome week! Good luck at
Laurels conference! Tell Grandpa that I said hi and that I love him!
This Saturday is Transfer calls! Should be interesting! I love you
sooo much! Oh and I just barely gave Elder Bratt a high five!

So this week Me and Elder Bratt went on Exchanges a lot this week with
the district and the Zone Leaders. There was this one ladies house
that we went to and I walked into her home and guess what she had? she
had 6 boxer puppies, 4 geckos, 5 Thorned lizards, 1 leg less lizard
that looks like a snake but its a lizard, 3 anacondas, 1 Parrot, and 1
predator frog, and she just barely got rid of her 7 1/2 foot
Crocodile. Oh and it felt like 100 degrees in her house and I fed
every single one of those things! And Then Saturday we went and helped
this artist guy set up a 30 foot space needle like the one in Seattle
made out of cardboard! Well that was my crazy week! Transfer calls
come Saturday! Love you guys!

Elder Chad Russell
Anchorage Alaska Mission
O'Malley Ward

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