Monday, July 21, 2014

It's kind of intimidating when a moose walks into your path!

Well this week we just went tracting, and tracting and more tracting!
Its kind of intimidating when a moose walks into your path while you
are knocking on doors or when you go to go knock on a door there is a
moose standing on the porch! I wish I had my camera! haha but a really
cool thing happened, we thought to our self how we can be more
effective tracting, and we thought and was like anybody can go door to
door as a missionary, so we said to ourselves that we are going to
walk down the mountain and walk past houses and listen to the
promptings of the spirit. So we walked down the whole street and back
and all of a sudden the spirit told us to go knock on that door to
your right, so what did we do, we did exactly that and when the guy
answered his door we had a good conversation with him and that he is a
fighter pilot and he said that we could not of come at a more perfect
time because it is really rare to catch me at home because I am a
fighter pilot! We gave him a restoration pamphlet and he said that he
will give us a call and told us to stop by whenever and see when I am

sorry this is a short email this week! Elder Bratt has been sick but
is now feeling better!

I love You guys!

Elder C. Russell
Anchorage Alaska Mission
O'Malley Ward!

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