Monday, July 7, 2014

Sunday we had an awesome day at church!

 Well we got our new mission president and his name is President
Robinson and he is from Bear Lake Utah! This week he has been calling
us and asking for me and Elder Bratts help this whole week! So this
letter is going to be short.

Fourth of July was fun! We helped in the office pretty much all day
but when we got out of the office we went and taught Terrence our
investigator and the only thing that he needs a testimony of is Modern
Day Prophets, so we taught him about Modern Day Prophets and he said
that he will pray about it! We then went and saw the Hells Angel guy!
He was fun! He got a calling to be a family history guy! We then got
invited to a BBQ at bishops house!

Sunday we had an awesome day at church! Bro. Leach who is a returning
member passed the sacrament today for the first time ever and his baby
was blessed by his wife's dad! Then Bro. Pintar (Also a returning
member)(80 yrs old and the last time he attended church was when he
was 8!) He has been to church for a month now and he is progressing
like crazy) He got ordained in the office of a priest today and he is
the 2nd assistant in that quorum! We then lost our keys to the truck
and we looked everywhere and after 20 minutes of looking Elder Bratt
was like "Ummm we should probably pray" Well why didn't I think of
that! haha so we prayed and of course we found it! And we drove
happily ever after to our next appointment! haha Well sorry that this
letter was not a long one but its been a crazy busy one!

I love you guys!

Elder Chad Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
O'Malley Ward!

P.S. I cannot believe it will be a year on the tenth!

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