Monday, October 20, 2014

The work is going good here in Delta Junction!

Sorry if my emails are super boring (knowing me I probably spelt that
wrong). Haha well this week went a little better, I am doing good, my
friends are doing good and my family is doing good, and the work is
going good here in Delta Junction. I just first want to start off
thanking my awesome mom for all that she has done for me and for being
so strong in the gospel and letting her light shine and not hiding it
under a bushel, I am glad that I have such a sweet mom that prays for
me each day it has definitely helped! without the faith of my mom, I
would not be here sending this email to you guys! I also want to thank
my dad for the amazing example he has been to me, the family, and my
friends! The things that he has taught me I have applied on my mission
to help others soften there hearts and to come closer to Christ!
Without these two amazing people and the Lord I would be lost, I would
not be the man that I am today if it weren't for them! I also want to
thank all my Friends! For the wonderful support and helping me not
slip into the deep end! You guys have been my crutch through life, For
when I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave
me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: naked, and ye clothed
me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto
me. I have a firm foundation which is centered on Jesus Christ because
of these people! Please if there is anything that you need, let me
know and I will help the best that I can!

Monday- Dog Mushing with the Ididarod racer ZOYA and the Yukon quest
racer JOHN ( he has won the Yukon quest 2)! Man I almost fell off
twice! When those dogs get going, they get going! Ha=Left turn, G=
Right turn, Hike= run faster! It is so crazy how they run and poop at
the same time! I think I felt some hit my face! EWWW Haha!
they have a total of 50 dogs and I had 14 dogs on my team.

Tuesday- Dinner with the Elkins Family and they have lived in Hawaii,
Utah, Turkey, Egypt and now Alaska! They have an autistic daughter
named Mia! She is exactly like my sister Whitney!

Wednesday- Dinner with Sister Skaleski who has been Less active for
over 3 -4 years and is now returning, she fed us Moose and Caribou!
Caribou hunt starts up again on Tuesday the 21. talking about hunting,
Her less active son is taking us hunting for some coyote (Probably
spelt that wrong) next Monday! 2 non member families were suppose to
show up for dinner but canceled at the last minute because of road

Thursday: We saw so many people today and that was super awesome
because that like never happens here in Delta Junction! We teach a lot
of lessons but usually not this much! haha

Friday- We chopped some wood for Brother Rhile and his family, they
are going through a hard time right now and we decided to go and just
start chopping wood! His heart was softened so much! He showed up to
church on Sunday! We saw Michael Carston and his family who is a part
member family and the son is 8 who is not baptized but we taught the
Plan of Salvation using a little board game that we made and then we
asked questions and who ever answered them correctly got some gummy
bears! He should be getting baptized in a month in a half, pray for

Saturday- Had dinner with the Robinson family who live on Fort Greely
and they invited us to go bowling with them and some non members on
Monday! We then went and contacted a referral at the quilting shop
here in town and the lady was from Australia, so Elder Modlik clicked
with her! She is a strong baptist, just like the rest of her family
but she invited us over for dinner!

Sunday- Church we had the Primary program!!!! Ohhh yeahhh! The best! 3
non member families were suppose to show up but didn't! Ugh! Haha stake
conference is next week for the Fairbanks stake!  Went and saw our
investigator Ed Abel and he is sooooo close!!!! So close to know that
it is true!

Some notes! We should be picking up a solid new investigator soon,
probably by Wednesday at mutual! Almost hit a big bull moose in a
blizard. Everyone was fine in the car wreck! Before we came and did
emails we had a mouse trap throwing fight! ouch! Super fun though!
Last week of the transfer! We are doing a fireside on the Restoration,
focusing on the Saviors life on the 23rd of November, we will have
some solos and some testimonies and we will have a slide show,
background piano player, Matt who is less active and a bunch of other
people who are less active are participating in our fireside! We are
planning on doing a ward Service project where we will all gather at
the church and the Relief Society and young women will make and bring
Deserts and Hot Chocolate and the young men and men adults will gather
into groups and go and knock on peoples doors and ask if we can plow
there drive way and with the Deserts that the Relief Society made we
will give to the people that we plowed for and along with a Lamb of
God DVD! We also have planned to do a secret service thing where
families will pick a families name out of a hat and that family has to
do service for them for the month, without them knowing. Then at the
Ward Christmas Party we will all gather in the Chapel/Gym and Me or
Elder Modlik will give a candle stick to every family and the lights
will be off.  the bishop will light his candle and he will go and
light his candle with the family that his family did service for, then
that family that just got lit up goes and lights the families candle
whom they served! haha I love you guys!!!!

Elder Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Delta Junction & Tok

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