Monday, October 27, 2014

Today was my Grandpa Busters Funeral.

Monday- Today was my Grandpa Busters Funeral. We are going to miss him
so much. But he is not going through any more pain. I ponder on the
memories that I had with my good old Grandpa Buster! I love you
Grandpa! We went bowling for our p-day with a less active and an
investigator and a couple of members! Boy I sucked! haha Last place!
YOU SERIOUS!-coach Johnson

Tuesday- Woke up and went and helped the Hornbecks move stuff around
the farm! We then had our last district meeting of the transfer! Me
and Elder Modlik gave a training about Obedience, it was ummmm
Awesome! We played a short game of Simon says and threw in a couple of
scriptures and some experiences! We were prompted to go and see the
Papard family and they were not home, we then were prompted to go and
see Peter and he was not home either! We recognized that every
prompting happens for a reason even if we don't see the reason for it!
It was a test and we past. We know that we will be blessed for
following those promptings! We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ to
the Carsten family and we used a mouse trap for faith, a first aid kit
for repentance, hand sanitizer for Baptism, big warm, protective glove
for the Holy Ghost! We did that because they have  a 8 year old kid
that wants to be baptized! We then gave out candy in the end! Gets
them every time!

Wednesday- We had Lunch with our man Joe Erickson, he just had hip
surgery and we asked if we can come over and cook him some lunch every
Wednesday! So we cooked Pancakes, bacon, and eggs! You know, the only
thing that I can cook! haha We then went to mutual and we found this
one 13 year old girl there that wants to take the lessons! OH YEAH!!!!

Thursday- Exchanges with our District leader and his companion, Elder
Nielson (DL) and Elder Tingy! For lunch we had a steak cook off, and
........ I should of won, they cheat! haha Elder Modlik won! Helped
the Hornbencks with moving and stacking a ton of hay! Helped out
Laretta. Right when we pulled in her driveway and we got out of the
car we hear screaming and cusing and Elder Nielson asked, is she
always like that? We replied, yes! haha but there was a reason for her
screaming, the pigs got out and so we all chased them and tackled
them. Next week we get to go and help with the pigs! haha should
be fun. I feel like we should be getting paid for this! haha JK!

Friday- We got our Transfer calls.... we are both staying in Delta for
6 more weeks! Booo YEAH! I woke up this morning on the floor.... don't
know how I got there. Haha. Got my Halloween package from my family! I
do so good trying to eat healthy and lose weight, but then I get a
package from home. haha we saw pam who is less active and her
husband cheater on her after 30 years of marriage. we did not know
what to say but we told her that the Lord knows how you feel, go to
him and that where you will find comfort!

Saturday- We went and dropped off some lemon bars to Pam and
wrote a little note for her. We contacted a referral today and her
name is Betty , she is 98 years old and the people told us that
she sits by the door with her shot gun and her dog, they said that she
is a very angry lady and sometimes very nice. So we go and try to
contact this lady, we said a prayer and pulled into her driveway and
right when we got out of the car we get shot at! haha just kidding
Mom! We got out of the car and she walked out to go and feed the
birds, and then we tried talking to her asking if she needed any help
and, just looked at us and had a really mean look on her face and went
back inside all mad. So we walk back to the car with our hands on the
handle of the door because we thought that she was grabbing her gun to
shoot us. She came back out side and said come on in. We then looked
at each other and were thinking that she is just going to let us
inside and then shoot us! haha so we got up to the door and she said
come on in, so we go and  she shot me and my companion in the
heart..... with kindness! haha We sat down and talked to her and guess
what her teeth fell out!!! OH and she cant really hear so you have to
SCREAM AT THE TOP OF YOUR LONGS or write down what you wanted to say
on a piece of paper for her to read! She said that we can come back!
Crazy old Lady, we thought she was going to kills us! haha

Sunday- Stake Conference here in Fairbanks! Super sweet! We woke up to
-5 degrees with clear blue skies and with frost covering the trees! We
went back and saw Betty  and she showed us all of her cool
colections! She has a cannon ball! She also had 2 swords and she
handed us them and me and Elder Modlik start playing sword fight and
while we were PLAY fighting, she whips out another sword and she
starts fighting us!!!!! Like full on! Came to find out that she was a
professional sword fighter! She is 98 years old and we got our buts
kicked! haha don't spread that around to to many people! haha OH and
on our way back we almost hit a huge!!!!!!! HUGE!!!!! BULL MOOSE! I
took a Video of it and tried taking pictures!

Well I love you guys! Stay safe and warm!

Elder Chad Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Delta Junction & Tok

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