Monday, December 22, 2014

I'm kind of boring this week haha sorry!

Well this week has been crazy!  We have
a few people that are pretty close to baptism! Elder O Brien is going
home this week! I will tell you more when I see you! I just have like
no energy to type a long thing about my week! Im kind of boring this
week! haha sorry! But That is so sweet that Bishops anniversary was
last week! I will have to be in on it next year! Should be fun!
Fishing was awesome! Congrats to Whitney! Glad that she did not walk
there! Yeah Elder Modlik called me and said hey I just got a couple
packages from your parents that are to you, what should I do with
them? He said that he is going to mail them to me today. The office
might think that I am still in Delta! haha Well I am looking forward
to seeing you guys for christmas!  I have no Idea What I am going to
talk about but it should be fun! So I dont have a time yet but I will
have a member text you the time! Cool? Sweet!

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