Monday, December 15, 2014

Kodiak is super beautiful!

 Sooooo Kodiak Island.... hmmm well it rains all the time, we only got
a couple hours of sunlight this week which was sweet because we were
able to see the mountains and the Ocean and more ocean and more
mountains, and all the other little islands that surround us! Kodiak
is Super Beautiful! Have not seen a bear yet but every time we see
someone they are like, don't go down that street because a bear was
spotted not to long ago. We get that at least once a day! There is a
ton of Filipino's, They are here because of Fishing (work)! I have to
learn Tagalog.... I can now read Tagalog! I am trying to learn how to
pray now! Filipinos are a little more than half of the Population here
in Kodiak. Pretty much all of them are Catholic. When we are knocking
doors we know who is Filipino and who is not, the Filipinos leave
there shoes out side, and I mean a lot of shoes! The population here
is about 10 Thousand people! There is a Walmart here, but someone told
me that it was the second smallest Walmart in the world. We have a KFC
and we heard that it is 85 bucks for a bucket of chicken. Tons of
Sushi places (Sorry Braxton). We plan on going fishing for sea bass
today! It is 42 degrees here and no wind! Our Apartment is the most
expensive apartment in the mission, We have 5 beds and a weight room,
big living room and kitchen, our fridge is chuck full of fish, oh and
we live right underneath bishop, bishops name is bishop black!  I just
looked out the window and guess what, its still raining! Well that is
a small description of Kodiak! Its Green as can be here and its the
winter time, I cant wait for summer! I love you Guys!

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