Monday, December 8, 2014

Transfered to Kodiak Island

Hey mom I am not going to send this huge email to everyone, I am just
going to reply. My journal is packed in my bag and its all the way at
the bottom! Sorry to lazy to get everything out of my bag and then put
it all back, that thing is a puzzle! haha I cant believe sister
Skaleski told you about that.... What else did she say about my
testimony and stuff? What is crazy is Nothing was coming into my mind
before I went up but then when I opened my mouth it was full of words.
I know that the spirit led me to the things that i needed to say, for
dad the family, and for the ward. I AM GOING TO MISS DELTA SOOOOOOO
MUCH! I left this morning to Fairbanks and I am now in Fairbanks
emailing you. I am flying to Anchorage tomorrow at 6:10 AM and then
going to a 2 hour meeting and then right after, i mean right after the
meeting I am getting on a plane and flying to Kodiak! I will be
serving with Elder Obrian who is going home in 4 weeks and with Elder
Casha who is going home in March! I am finally not Senior Companion!
haha I have to learn Tagalog because there is a ton of Philippinos
there and they are there because of the fish! I live Right underneath
the Bishop in the most expensive apartment in the mission. I am most
likely going to be there for 6 months or for the wrest of my mission.
Kodiak Island will be quite the Adventure and I am looking forward to
see what the Lord has for me there! The last week in Delta we put our
investigator on Date to be baptized, she is looking forward to it! I
wont be there but she is making one of the best decisions in her life I
love you MOm!

"Many are COLD and few are FROZEN"

Love, Elder Russell
Kodiak Island
Alaska Anchorage Mission

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