Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Valentines day!

To mom...Happy valentines Day! I did receive your wonderful box that you guys sent to me! Thank you and Elder Casia said thank you to! I am almost done with a letter that I am sending to the Family that contains my week, so I wont be sharing anything about last week with yall! sorry, but it will be in a letter. Yeah its raining and raining some more! Thanks for the Pictures! Trevor is pretty cool, Me and him are emailing each other. Haha So you guys are working on the basement I hear? Can you send me a picture? I'm glad Deb is okay! And that Eric is doing good! And Izzy and Chloe! I plan on making this Cheese cake Recipe that this one lady named Sis. Jenson gave to me when I was in Homer. Best cheese cake I have ever tasted! She has only given the recipe to two people, Elder Leotoua and Me.! Should be interesting. Going Fishing today! Hope Everything is going well for you! Love you!

Elder Russell!

To dad...Hmmm whats up? Its raining and we are planning on going fishing today, again.... haha We did not catch anything, but hopefully today! They were not running last week in the rivers, but we hope today. The Ferry Ride was Awesome! I am writing a letter that explains my whole trip to you guys and I will get it off to you this week! I am almost done with it. It was nice to get off the Island for a little bit though! Me and Elder Casia have the whole Island to ourselves! so we can do whatever we want.... Haha just kidding! Man this has really been super weird winter everywhere! haha Its like the Poles of the earth are moving! So Dad our High priest group leader is Named Bob Stanford and I have been talking to him and his son in law lately. Bro. Stanford is a bush pilot and he owns Island air and he is the number one pilot on the Island, He has trained every pilot on the Island, and his Son in Law lives in Logan Utah and he is a Helicopter Instructor there.  And He told me to hit him up when I get home and Brother Stanford and they will help me get my Pilots license. That"s what I want to do, I want to work hard back at home and save up money maybe take out a couple of loans and go to Flight school, Getting my Bush Pilots license and My Helicopter License, First I want to get my Helicopter License.  They said its a lot of work but it is worth, and I can get it done pretty quick if I work hard at it,  Its something that they enjoy and they make pretty good money. And its something that I know I would Enjoy doing. They told me that they have flying classes in College but they said dont do that because they are not really good trainers and you end up spending more money and it is stretched out for a long period of time, They said go to a Flight School, And I plan on Contacting His son in law that is a helicopter instructor and go to his classes and have him train me because he said he will. He said that there is more job options with Helicopters and you are more likely to make more, You are especially going to make more he said if you have your bush pilots license and your Helicopter license. And that's what he has! You might think this is crazy but this is what I desire to do. Email me back as soon as you can if you can today. Love ya!

Elder Russell

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