Monday, February 9, 2015

My week has been good but, lots of trials!

My week has been good! Lots of trials but its good, I am getting through them and I keep on climbing! Yeah its snowed 2 feet last night but now its raining and its supposed to rain for the rest of this week! I have hardly slept this week! I lay in bed at 10:30 pm and I don't sleep until 1 in the morning! If I don't fall asleep before Elder Casia does then there is like no way I will be sleeping that night. He snores super loud! Even when I fall asleep I wake up to his snoring and I have ear plugs in! I am very tired. I bang on the wall for him to wake up and try to fall asleep but he falls a sleep literally 3 seconds later, I sometimes go and plug his nose so he does not breath and then he wakes up and then falls asleep 3 seconds later. I hope to send your Christmas package soon :) haha So there is this Filipino family the Barco's that have been returning back to activity to the church and they said that they are going down to Utah July 8 or 9 or 10th, of this year and they don't have much money and they plan on staying in Utah for a couple weeks, and I told them that they can stay at Our place for a week or so while they are in Utah, so that they can actually have a nice vacation. They want me to take them to fun things in Utah. I don't really know much about Utah because I have forgot it, the only things I really know now is Alaska haha! So I hope that's okay, They want to stay with us, Just don't want them spending a ton of money on a Hotel and not be able to spend it on fun things to do in Utah. They are still talking about it. They want to see the Salt Lake Temple really bad, and she would like to go through it. But it will be nice if they get a temple recommend to go do Baptisms for the Dead. We will see. On Wednesday at 9:45 pm. we will be ferrying from Kodiak to Homer, we will arrive in homer at 7:30 am Thursday morning. 10 hour ferry! Elder Casia is excited but I'm not, I have been on to many ferries all ready, and its going to be dark so we wont be able to see anything. We will be going on Exchanges in Homer and then drive up Friday morning to zone Conference in Soldotna and then Saturday morning we will be riding up with the Assistants to the President to Anchorage and then we will fly from Anchorage at 1:30 and arrive in Kodiak at 2:45. Busy Busy busy! Oh and our Mission President just received a text from M Russell Ballard and he said that he will be heading to Asia and his lay over is in Anchorage for a couple hours and he would like to have a meeting with the Missionaries and then after the Meeting he will get on the plane with the other 70's and fly to Asia! We will be Skyping in. He will be here on the 18th of this month! Should be fun. Well I Love you guys! Love you Mom!

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